The White Cloud Taoist Temple consists of four parts, three complexes in the front, and a big back yard. From front to back, there are the Screen Wall, the Memonial Arch, the Ornamental Column, the Shanmen Gate, the Wofeng Bridge, the Lingguan Hall, the Bell Drum Tower, the Sanguan Hall, the Hall of the God of Wealth, the Hall of Jade Emperor, the Jiuku Hall, the Hall of the King of Medicine, the Laolu Hall, the Hall of Qiu Chuji, and the Sanqingsiyu Hall.

Best Time to Visit the White Cloud Taoist Temple

The spring and autumn in Beijing are the best travel seasons, as it is not too hot and not too cold, especially autumn when Beijing is called “golden Beijing” because of its clear and cool weather. April, May, September and October are the best months for tourism. Beijing is on the north edge of the North China Plain facing the ocean and butted against the mountains. As Beijing has the typical warm and semi-humid continental monsoon climate, each season has its distinctive features. The coldest month is January during which the average temperature is around -5℃, while in the hottest month, July, around 26℃. Compared to winter, the spring and autumn here are relatively short. Though the winter in Beijing last for a long time, the perfect indoor heating facilities make you feel as if you are in spring. But, considering the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, you should better bring your sweater and coat if you want to visit Beijing in winter. Don’t forget that most attractions in Beijing are sites of historical and ethnic cultures, and weather wouldn’t become a big obstacle to your trip, so it’s OK to visit Beijing at any time of the year. In winter, many travel agencies and hotels will make provide big discounts, so you can save a lot of money.

The White Cloud Taoist Temple Best Routes(no information right now)

The White Cloud Taoist Temple Tickets

Ticket: RMB 10 Per Person

How to get to the White Cloud Taoist Temple

By bus

You can chose one of the following routes to get to the White Cloud Taoist Temple.

1.Take bus 26,319,80,695,717,Special 5, or Special 6, and get off at Baiyunguan Station.

2.Take bus 19,42,46,49,661,662,691,or 623, and get of at Tianningsiqiaobei Station.

Take bus 78, and get off at Zhenwumiaosanli Station.

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