The Imperial Academy has been the highest educational institution in ancient China since the Sui Dynasty. In addition to the location in Nanjing, as the Ming Dynasty relocated its capital to the north, another site for the Imperial Academy was constructed in Beijing. The site in Nanjing is called “Nanjian” or “Nanyong,” and the one in Beijing is called “Beijian” or “Beiyong”. The Imperial Academy in Beijing was constructed in 1306 during the Yuan Dynasty, serving as the highest administrative body and educational institution for the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties.

Best Time to Visit the Imperial Academy

The prime time to visit the Imperial Academy is from October to April, avoiding the heat of the summer. In the spring, visitors can enjoy blossoming flowers and stroll down to the Beijing Emperor’s Park of Relics to get an authentic taste of Old Beijing.

The Imperial Academy Tickets

30 Yuan. Half price for students, army men and the elderly

How to get to The Imperial Academy

By subway

Get off at Yonghegong Lama Temple on Line 2, go 200m southward

By bus

By Bus No. 13, 116, 807, Yonghegong station.

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