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1) There are more people in the city of Shanghai than in New Zealand
There are about 4 times more people in Shanghai, with a population of 19 million, according to the 2009 census. Alternatively, there are only 4 million people in New Zealand.
Shanghai also has a density of 3,000 per KM2, which is 3 times higher than Auckland, New Zealand”s most populous urban area.
2) The main language spoken in Shanghai is Shanghainese
Like many Chinese regions, Shanghai has its own unique language. It is one of the 248 Chinese dialects.  If this is not enough, Shanghai itself has mini dialects. Those from the outer suburbs use different vocabulary and have alternative accents to those in the urban areas.
3) The world-famous Shanghai TV Tower
The TV Tower in Shanghai featured in many popular films including ‘Fanstastic Four: Rise of the Silver Sufer,’ ‘Mission Impossible 3’ and ‘Godzilla: Final Wars.’ As well as this the tower commonly referred to as the Oriental Pearl Tower, is consider as dgfev online casino a Shanghai symbol.


4) Shanghai has the largest bus system in the world!

There is an incredible 1,424 bus lines! Unsurprisingly, it is the best way to get around this city. It is really cheap too, as it costs 1-2 Yuan per trip.


5) Shanghainese kids start to learn English in First Grade 

English is now a compulsory subject in every school, in Shanghai. In a decades time everyone in the city may speak English, or a hybrid language of Chinese and English, known as ‘Chinglish.’

6) Shanghai: the shopping paradise!

This famous Chinese city has more commercial goods than anywhere else in the country. It also has one of the top shopping centres in the whole of Asia. If you are a ‘shopaholic’ you will love to explore the markets of Nanjing Road. This is Shanghai’s busiest and most popular shopping site, selling various goods for a reasonable price. However, if you prefer a more luxurious shopping spree head to the west end of Nanjing Road.


7) Venues; there one day, gone the next! 

One of the main constants in Shanghai is the fast pace of change. When visiting Shanghai you will realise how businesses are relocating, closing or opening all the time. Before your trip to the city, ensure you are up to date with the destinations that are open. Checking on the Internet and asking your hotel for information can reduce your disappointment.

8) Do you have a sweet tooth?

The people of Shanghai love sweet tastes and it is therefore commonly used in their dishes. It is said that you find more sugar in a Shanghai dish than other meals from any other part of China. So if like the Shanghainese you have a sweet tooth travel to the city and try their delicious food.

9) Money, money, money!

 In 1914, Shanghai had 200 banks that dealt with 80% of direct foreign investment into China. Since then business is still booming, even more than ever before.

10) The Shanghai Magley Train

This train links the airport to the city centre and has been the world’s fastest passenger train since 2004. It can reach a maximum cruising speed of 431 kilometres per hour.

If you are excited about visiting Shanghai and want to find out some more amazing facts for yourself, search for Shanghai Tours now! 

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