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On July 6, 2011, in Accomodation, Beijing, Nightlife, Tours, by Jack Li
After a good night’s sleep in one of the many luxurious hotels offered by  Beijing Hotels or China Hotels and having already tasted some of the unique flavours China’s delicacy had to offer, I felt as though it was now time to enter into a whole new cultural realm of Beijing, its nightlife.
Club Scene
I opted for the most obvious option for evening entertainment, Clubbing, entering what was to become an incredible experience. First stop was Sanlitun Bar Street. As soon as we opened the door of the cab our ears were awakened by a loud chorus of beeping cabs, a variety of tourist dialects and of course the bass from the clubs.
Stepping out of the cab our eyes were stimulated by the bright lights reflecting from the tall glass buildings, housing familiar high-street brands  such as Addias, Uniqlo and Mango; not to mention the light bulbs neatly placed in every tree along the strip. As we paraded towards recommended bars such No.52’ and ‘ Top Club Beijing’ our nostrils were filled with the beautiful fragrance of street foods such as ‘yángròu chuànr’, Lamb Kebab on skewers cooked over charcoal sprinkled with Cumin and Spices. Almost immediately we had set out a plan of what we were to eat on our way home.
Beijing’s club scene is not to be underestimated, you will be sure to hear a variety of sounds from different cultures from Asia to Europe to Africa. Beijing’s nightlife is like no other.
If going for drinks and networking are more your scene then Beijing offers several ‘Bar Street’s including Sanlitun Bar Street, Houhai Bar Street and Luoguoxiang Bar Street.
Massage Parlours and Spa’s
However, if you are still recovering from the night before, or the club scene is simply too much for you, Beijing offers activities at the complete other end of the spectrum; including fine relaxing massages  at one of Beijing’s many luxurious chain store massage parlours such as ‘Liangzi’.
Theatre & Cinema
Whilst your body is preparing to shut down, the kids may not be quite ready to go to sleep yet, and so you hold the option of visiting the cinema or theatre.
Night Markets
Alternatively there is still a chance to shop at one of Beijing’s unique night markets many of which not closing until 1.30am. With prices ranging from as low as  20RMB to 100RMB; the markets are equally as exciting as the clubs and theatre. The markets offer a range of not-so-familiar snacks ranging from octopus tentacles to cow stomach’s. It is the perfect place to satisfy your hunger, learn about the culture and experience distinctive flavours the chinese culture has to offer.
As you can see, Beijing is truly a city with something to offer the whole entire family.
If Beijing has all of this to offer in the at night, then you can only imagine
where a tour with ChinaTours could take you in the daytime!
Jack Li
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