Mount Baihua

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The hills of Mount Baihua are one above the other .The top one is in Triangle Tower and Bai Cao Pan and the altitude is 1800-2000 meters. The top of Mount Baihua is wide and smooth, reserving ancient “stone sea”, periglacial castle and icy rock pillar, which were formed in an extremely cold climate thousands years ago. The second platform of Mount Baihua is in Zhongzu and Da mu chang, with an altitude of about 1400-1600 meters. The altitude of the third platform is 1100-1200 meters. All terraces are covered by a layer of thick loess a fine grained yellow deposit of soil left by the wind .The annual average temperature of Mount Baihua is 6.3℃ and the annual precipitation is 595 millimeters.

The massif of Mount Baihua was formed by volcanic eruptions and erosion. Mount Baihua is tall and steep with the altitude of the main peak being 1991 meters. The peak of Bai cao pan is almost 2050 meters, ranking the third highest in Beijing. The geological environment of Mount Baihua is quite unique, creating very beautiful scenery. Mount Baihua is divided into four scenic spots: the main peak, Baihua meadow, Watch Sea Tower and Bai Cao Pan. These scenic spots are surrounded by mountains and have a pleasant climate. Continuous mounts, purling brook, clouds, frogs, forests, exotic flowers and rare herbs, rare birds and beasts all contribute to the amazing scenery. There are 18 unique sights including: “Bai Cao Pan”, “Mount Baihua Waterfalls”, “Eternity Pinkey”, “Old Trees”, “Cloud Top Sunrise”, “Icy Rock Pillars”, Periglacial Castle”, “Sea of Clouds Ascension”, “Sunset Glows”, “Tachromic Jet Belt”, “Goldentoad do obeisance the month”, “Ant Mountain”, “White boa howl”, “Pine Long Corridor”, just to name a few.

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