Jingxin Chamber

On July 14, 2011, in Beijing, Historical Relics, Parks & Gardens, by Jack Li

Jingxin Chamber (previously known as Jingqing Chamber), covering a total area of 4,700 m2, is on the north shore of Beihai Park with The Hall of Heavenly Kings on its right. It was built in 1757 under Emperor Qianlong’s rule and served as a study room for the crown prince. Water flows over and around natural stratified stone formations and streams beneath bridges connecting various parts of the Chamber. Traditional Chinese buildings and rocky caves accentuate the Chamber’s atmosphere of serene tranquility. The overall ingenious design reflects the essence of garden art in Northern China, demonstrating a unique and novel garden within a garden. Encircled by a low wall, Jingxin Chamber’s main gate faces the Jade Islet. The southern part of the bounding wall is hollowed out with ornate shapes, making the scenery both inside and outside of the Chamber viewable at once, giving the entire area a sense of unity. The highest building in the Chamber—Diecui—is a two-story building in the northwest, from which visitors can revel in a panoramic view of all of Beihai Park.

Beihai Park (Beihaigongyuan )

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