Hosting the Olympics in Beijing was a major occasion for China, and it proved to be a spectacular event. Book Beijing Flights and Travel to Beijing now to see the wonderful Bird Nest and Water Cube constructions.

Here are some fascinating facts that you did not know about the 2008 sports competition.

1) The Beijing Olympics cost $43 billion with the cost of construction being $1.8 billion. Now the venues are used for public sports, entertainment and are popular tourist attractions.

2) In preparation for the 2008 Olympics, 400 million Chinese students in 500,000 schools throughout the country were educated about the event. This complemented one of the primary goals of the Olympic Movement, which was to educate young people about sporting activities.

 3) This was the last Olympics to include Baseball and Softball as Olympic sports. They have both been excluded from the 2012 Olympics in London.

4) 2008 was the first year since 1936 that a country other than the USA or the Soviet Union led in the medal count.

5) India won 0.31% of the Olympic medals however they house 17% of the world’s population.

6) Pakistan was the most populous country, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, not to win an Olympic medal. The country has an astonishing 164 million people and is the 6th largest nation in the world. This is a rather strange finding, as you would think they would have more skilled sportspeople to choose from. Alternatively, Iceland has a very small population but won an Olympic medal.

7) China has 19.8% of the world’s population and won 10.4% of the Olympic medals.

8 ) The United States only houses 4.6% of the world’s residents however they won 11.5% of the medals.

9) An estimated 4.1 billion people watched the opening ceremony, best online casino however 4.7 billion watched the Olympics.

10) In the closing ceremony there were 2,583 special lights, which weighed a total of 300 tonnes. They had to be installed 5 months in advance.

11) Because of the Beijing Olympics, 3,500 babies in China have been named ‘Aoyun’ or ‘Olympics.’ Chinese mothers-to-be tried to give birth on the day of the opening ceremony.

12) For the 4th consecutive Olympics the highest number of medals was won by the US.

13) 5,000 Yuan ($731) was the most expensive 2008 ticket for the opening ceremony. The cheapest for the sports competitions was 30 Yuan ($4.38.) A total of 7 million tickets were made available to the public.

14) At the opening ceremony, a digital control system minimised the time difference between fireworks to a few milliseconds.  This occurred at 30 locations throughout the city. There were 40,000 shots, but none of them malfunctioned.

15) 4,000 IT specialists were hired to manage the 1,000 servers, 5,000 results systems terminals, 4,000 printers and more than 10,000 computers.

16) The 2008 Beijing Olympics was the first to be produced totally in high-definition (HD.)

17) Beijing used a monitoring system to control 18,000 performers through identification codes. This system was called ‘ShenZhou 4000’ and is usually used during space missions. This is the first time ever technology like this has been used in the Olympics.

18) On the night of the opening ceremony, weather rockets were sent up into the air to stop rain clouds from reaching the Bird’s Nest.

19) The date of the opening ceremony was on the 8th of August 2008 (08.08.08) as the number eight is a lucky number in China.

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