Hua Qing Hot Spring

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Hua Qing Hot Spring, also called Hua Qing Palace, is a famous scenic hot spring spot in China, situated in the north of Li Mountain.  In the ancient times, emperors’ in Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang dynasty used this secluded place for leisure and entertainment. Initially named Spa palace, it was rebuilt many times during subsequent dynasties. The most extensive large-scale refurbishment took place in Tang dynasty, initiated by Emperor Tang xuanzong.  As a result, the place underwent a few substantial changes. Hot spring well was transformed into pool; palace was built among the hills. From that time on, it was called Hua Qing Palace.  It was one of the first sites to be ranked as a key national scenic spot (which happened in 1982). Hua Qing Hot Spring has always been a famous tourist attraction.  Nowadays, it has four mouths; each of which has 1m radius.  The water in the pools is very clean, so the bottom of the basin is still visible despite the stream just beneath the water surface. Calming sound of the murmuring running water makes Hua Qing Palace even more enjoyable. Its water yield is 113t per hour and average temperature is 43℃ all year round.  The hot spring is a natural habitat for many organisms such as lime, soda, silica, alumina, sulfur, sodium sulfate and so on.  All of them have been proven effective in curing various skin diseases. The palace, 3000sq m large, has more than 100 rooms; it is capable to hold 400 people at a time.

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