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Houhai(simplified Chinese: 后海; traditional Chinese: 後海; pinyin: hòū hǎī; ) is a leisure place in Beijing with water, montains and weeping willows. All the private houses and residents on the shore, the residence of prince and former celebrities add to the Beijing flavor and historic charm. People come here just to hear crisp insects, see the miniature of old Beijing courtyard buildings, and  feel the royal heritage which seems to have gone.

The “hai” in Houhai actually is an artificial lake. It is a clear pool of exclusive access for royal family. Houhai in the center of Beijing, its  just four or five stations from Tianmen square. Houhai is a strip of water with the famous “the North Sea”, opposite Jingshan mountain and the Imperial palace. Walking along Houhai, you can see the green walls of the old houses easily. Outside those solemn gate, you can just see the tall and dense trees in the yard and it makes people fell mysterious. It is said that the water in Houhai linked with the dragon of the Imperial Palace, it has been a treasured place from ancient time to now. Monks in past dynasties built temples here, and nobles built gardens on the shore, celebrities moved to the lake and began their life on the shore. Therefore, an old saying:”there is Shi sha hai first, after Beijing city.”

Houhai Attractions

Houhai Bar Street

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