Houhai Bar Street

On July 21, 2011, in Beijing, Lakes, More Places of Interest, Nightlife, by Jack Li

Houhai Bar Street has a similar style to other bars. It is simple and has old furniture, green plants, personalized ornaments and a lazy atmosphere. Bars around Houhai are not very large, maybe the space can avoid excessive noise, that’s why i like to come to Houhai Bars. At night, the scenery of Houhai Bar Street is beautiful. The moon hangs in the sky and the light is ambiguous. A faint sound of Erhu or Pipa drift from cruise ships on the lake and all of these add to a romantic atmosphere created in quiet Houhai. Lovers whisper while friends drink, and melodies are wonderful. All of this makes people recall the river in their hometowns and the friends from their childhoods. These scenes play together to create a beautiful ambience.

Houhai is a suitable place for reminiscence, so when people come to Houhai it gives them nostalgic emotions every time. Bring your girlfriend to Houhai to experience the romance of Beijing. It is the most worthy thing to experience in this season.


Jack Li
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