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Emerging from years of isolation China has opened its barriers to the world, as can be seen in the multiple service providers encouraging travel and tourism in China (Air China, and China Tours) just to name a few! WIth this, in little time has risen as a key player in the World Economy, proving to be a force not to be reckoned with. As can be seen with the establishment of tourist friendly China Tours.  Now it is  time for China to materialize into the ‘fifth’ fashion capital in the world.

China’s Fashion Week

At this year’s China’s Fashion Week, with rival Fashion Capitals such as New York and Paris absent, Chinese designers of both traditional and modern Chinese attire were able to shine in a showcase of their talent. Including designs from Tsai Meiyn, Donoratiro, Lea Seong, Cabeen and
Gioia Pan just to name a few. Upon your arrival in China, the Chinese Fashion Week should be at the top of your to do list.

China’s Markets

After being inspired by the fashion shows, or the fashionable attire of the younger generation when simply exploring Beijing, you are sure to feel motivated to create your own designs and do your own personal styling. The markets and shopping centres of Beijing will cater perfectly for this; markets include: Beijing Zoo Clothing Market, Daliushu Guanxi Market, Silk Market, Ya Xiu, Xidan Beidajie and Yandai Xieji.

If you enjoy the flashy designers of the West such as Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs you will be delighted with what these Markets have to offer here in Beijing. You will be able to find your favourite designers at 1/100 of the price, whilst putting into practice your bargaining skills. The markets provide an excitable and fascinating experience for both those living in China and those visiting China.

However if  bargaining isn’t your thing and you would much prefer to dig deep and search for valuables then the Dalishu Guanxin Market may be more suitable. Whilst the silk market may charge 300 to 90 RMB you will find even more unbelievable bargains at the Daliushu Guanxin Market with converse trainers priced between 20-30RMB.

Shopping Malls

Alternatively Beijing also boasts several luxury shopping Malls, one of which (Oriental Plaza) being one the largest shopping malls in Asia. So if the markets are not your scene and you are seeking a more luxurious shopping experience, or are simply interested to see how the other half live, be sure to visit one of Beijing’s luxurious malls. These malls include Shin King Place, Seasons Place, Xidan Joy City and Youyi Shopping City.

Beijing has something to offer for all of the family, whilst the parents and grandparents are off, on a tour of China, you are promised a truly cultural, exciting, and unique shopping experience
in Beijing. So if you hold great interest in fashion, shopping or simply enjoy bargain hunting Beijing is the city for you. With Beijing on the constant rise now is the time to visit with increasingly cheap flights and endless deals on hotels with China Hotels, why wouldn’t you visit?


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