Pi Yong Colored Glaze Memorial Archway, the central building in the Imperial Archway, was built in Emperor Qianlong’s 49th year of rule. Built on a square platform within a round pool, it has multiple eaves and a spire on the top.
Pi Yong has doors on each side and six steps leading up to it. The Archway is surrounded by covered corridors connecting the chamber to other buildings. This architectural style echoes the traditional Chinese belief that the sky is round and the ground is square. After the Reign of Qianlong, every new emperor delivered lectures in Pi Yong, suggesting the government attached great importance to higher education. The Six Great Chambers refer to the 33 rooms on the right and left sides of Pi Yong. Shuaixing, Chengxin, Xiudao and Guangye Chambers all served as classrooms for the Imperial Academy students.

Beijing Imperial Academy(Guozhijian)

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