Chinese Martial Arts

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China Travel can open your eyes to this wonderful culture, and allow you to gain an understanding of historic martial arts. The Chinese have been practising these rituals for centuries. Travel to Beijing to see traditional martial arts being practised in its original setting.

This unique sport is often referred to as ‘Wushu’ or ‘Kung Fu.’ The traits of this activity have been passed on for generations, through Chinese families or Martial Art schools. The exercises have been inspired by the country’s philosophies, various religions and legends.

This Chinese cultural activity was thought to have orginated from the Xia Dynasty, over 4000 years ago. It was developed for self defense, for hunting and to train Chinese militants. Wushu can take a physical or weaponary form of defense and was taught to ancient soldiers so that they could defend their country during wars.

Today, it is a pastime that many Chinese people practise to keep fit and relieve stress. Martial arts can improve muscular and cardiovascular fitness and has become popular throughout the world. However undoubtedly the best place to see it is in the traditional parks and tranquil locations throughout China. For example, in Beijing elderly people often practise Tai Chi in the parks. Feel free to join in and discover how enjoyable it best online casino is. If you want to  experience this fascinating leisure persuit ask local artists if you can get involved.

When visiting Beijing the best place to see or practise martial arts is in the gardens surrounding the Temple of Heaven, in the southern part of the city. It is recommended to go there at sunrise. This is because most Chinese martial artists perform at this time, as part of their daily ritual.

The most convenient and cheapest way to get to the Temple of Heaven is via the subway. It only costs 2 Yuan per trip (about 20 British pence.) To get there you must get on the number 2 (blue line) to Chongwenmen station. The subway begins operating at 6 in the morning and is open until 11 at night.

Martial art styles vary between provinces and cities throughout China. Therefore the way in which Beijingers perform this art is different to the ‘Shanghainese’ interpretation.

China Tours are the perfect way to gain a detailed insight into Chinese culture, including the martial art rituals.

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