Carefree Garden is a delightful hidden spot standing on the east end of Beihai’s coastline. It was originally the site of Ninghe Temple in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt into a garden in 1757 during Qianlong’s reign. In the summertime, magnificent trees provide visitors with a refreshing lushness and shade. The water of Beihai trickles in through Huafang Chamber. In the garden, zigzagging bridges, small ponds, delicate rockeries, and winding corridors all contribute to the Garden’s peaceful atmosphere. A stone bridge with inscribed railings arches over the water. On the east side of the bridge is a stone memorial archway, with a poetic couplet on each pillar. Another bridge over the pond behind the archway leads to Haopu Chamber, covering 77m2 and facing south. 16 pillars encircle the chamber and eight stand inside. The poetic couplets on the front door praise the unique scenery of the garden: “Shady bamboo in the morning mist, murmuring streams winding through the woods”. This garden’s unique natural landscape and beautiful architecture make it a must-see attraction for visitors to Beihai Park.

Beihai Park (Beihaigongyuan )

Jack Li

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