The existing artistic carvings in Huaqing Hot Spring contain 7 steles, 16 poem-engraved stones, 7 stonecutting and 4 pairs of stone carvings of ancient China.  Combining 69 steles, built after 1949, the collection was named “Beihai Shulin” .  “The stele of Hot Spring Song in the Northern Wei dynasty” and “The stele of Hot Spring Inscription” are the famous steles in the Forest.  “The stele of Hot Spring Inscription”, made according to Tang taizong (Li Shimin)’s design, was located on the left side of the “Yushu Pavilion”. Unfortunately, it has disappeared without a trace.   Its copy, made in 1993, is displayed in the Royal Hot Spring Site Museum. It was the first time that running script was carved on the steles.   “The stele of Hot Spring Song in the Northern Wei dynasty” was carved by Yuan Chang, a minister from Northern Wei dynasty.  The 1.5m high and 0.7 wide stele was initially called “Window Stele”.  The inscription consists of 500 words divided into 20 rows.  As the first testimony of Huaqing Hot Spring, the stele has been ranked as reprint prohibited work by the Chinese State Bureau of Cultural Relics.

Hua Qing Hot Spring

Jack Li

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