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1) Beijing, also known as ‘Peking’ means ‘the Northern Capital.’

This is evidence that Eastern Asian traditional values name things in an obvious and explicit way.

2) Beijing in the 2nd largest city in China. The largest city is Shanghai, in the south.

3) On an average day in Beijing air pollution is 5 times higher than the standard of safety set out by the World Trade Organisation.

When travelling to Beijing you are bound to notice the large amount of smog in the air, compared to western cities. This is because of the high volumes of pollution emitted.

4) Sharing is caring.

When you go to a restaurant in Beijing expect to order a variety of dishes that will be placed in the centre of the table, often on a Lazy Susan. This is because Chinese people see dining as a social pastime to enjoy with friends and family. Circular tables are often used as it allows you to communicate to every guest. Many of the dishes are shared between the entire group. This is great for tourists as it allows you to try a bit of everything.

5) Mr. Wang, Mrs. Wang…

According to the Beijing official census in 2006, ‘Wang’ is the most commonly used online slots surname in the city. In fact, 10.35% of the Beijing population has this surname. Therefore do not just assume Mr. Wang and Mrs. Wang are married, or any relation at all.

6) Beijing has more than double the population of London.

The population of London is around 7 million, which sounds a lot until you realise that Beijing has an incredible 15 million residents. The city is also spread over two counties.

7) The Forbidden City has 1,000 rooms.

Located at the north of Tiannanmen Square, which is the largest square in the world, is the famous Forbidden City. It is entirely made of wood and has very intricate designs. The Forbidden City is enormous so allow a full day to explore.

8 ) Beijing; Bike capital of the world!

Beijing has always been famous for its high volume of bikes. There are separate lanes on the roads for them and they are an easy means of transport for Beijingers. However, as China develops some Chinese people have a higher income and now have the luxury of owning their own car. Therefore there are more cars in the city than ever before.

9) Car or bike?

Even though Beijingers desire cars they do not come without their risks. In China, approximately 600 people are killed each day by getting hit by a car. The majority of cases occur in cities, such as Beijing.

10) Beijing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China

You will struggle to find another city in the world that has the amount of political and cultural background that Beijing has. This is why it is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. It has been dominant in Chinese history for centuries and it is difficult to find an iconic building that does not have some national historical significance and wonderful stories hidden within it.


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    not the best facts but okay

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    The Forbidden City actually has 9, 999 rooms, as 9 is the biggest number in china, because 10 is ‘just 1 and 0.’ Only emperors were allowed to enter rooms labelled ‘9’!

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