Sanlitun, Beijing

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Finally, your Air China flight has landed in one of the biggest cities in China your mind automatically falls on the Great wall and the Forbidden City. It is night time and your Beijing Tours starts tomorrow. You are filled with excitement, and thoughts on what is there to do in Bejing at night. You ask around and hear that the place to be at night is in Sanlitun, after a little rest you decide to go see what Sanlitun has to offer.

Sanlitun in Beijing, is located in Chaoyang district in the northeast part of the city, it was designed as a nightlife zone for locals and tourists. The nightlife area, also home too many embassies and shopping complexes, is divided into two parts, North Sanlitun and South Sanlitun. Sanlitun which is sometimes called Sanlitun Village stands out for its fashion and entertainment centre reminiscent of Tokyo. South Sanlitun is located across the large road Gongti Beilu, which has a slightly different vibe from the north side of the street. The original bars and clubs on the west side of the street were torn down before the 2008 Olympics. The village boasts its cool cafes, bars and discos, as well as a swarm of shops which carries brand names such as, Uniqlo, Apple, Nike, Lacoste, and Benetton you can find them all here when you get bitten by the shopping bug.

Also heading down the southern end of Sanlitun’s main road is Q Bar. Q Bar is apart of the Eastern Inn and sports a rooftop patio. Q Bar is widely known for its cocktails, and just may have the best Pina Colada in town. Closer to the main intersection, visitors can find the often rowdy Rickshaw, with its sports bar atmosphere, chicken wing specials and inexpensive drinks that draw in the crowds.

Sanlitun has some areas that are romantic and classical. Some are quite modern and exotic. You may go there at night with a smaller group or just a significant other. In Sanlitun the bars and most clubs stay open until morning the next day. Besides there isn’t a need to worry Sanlitun is well rounded with places to stay like Kunlun Hotel, Dongzhimen and other districts of Beijing have an amazingly array of bars, some of which are quite famous. The bars in Sanlitun has prospered, some of which are quite famous. The prosperity of bar culture in Beijing is related to the special position of Beijing in China.

So, have you booked your flight on China Travels yet? By just reading this, it gives off only a little temptation. Actually being here experiencing the nightlife and shopping in one of the most famous night spots in Beijing will change your views on going out on the town in Beijing. Visit China’s magnificent sites in the day by doing tours and such, but have control over your nights in Beijing. Mingle with people from all corners of the world while having a chilled Píjiǔ (beer). So see you next time at Q Bar perhaps?

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