Beijing is a city filled with lots of fascinating sites, many being traditional and historical. Visitors do their Beijing Travel and book their China Flights without knowing the history of China’s second largest city. It was during the QinDynasty (221 BC) Beijing established Qin Shi Huang, as their first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. Formerly named Ying Zheng then later on Qin Shi Huang, went on to rule for 35years. Qin Shi was known for his magnificent and intelligent projects.

Legend has it that Qin Shi was not birthed from a prince but was already conceived by a merchant and his wife. It was then said that a merchant named Lu Buwei arranged for his already pregnant wife Zhao Ji to meet the then prince of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256 B.C.). The prince met Zhao Ji and made her his concubine, she then gave birth to Lu Buwei’s child in 259 B.C.  The price believed the child was his, thirteen years later the prince died which made his supposed child the King of the Qin state. The young king ruled at the tender age of thirteen with the prime minister at his side who was said to be his actual father “Lu Buwei”. Lu Buwei also acted as the regent for the first eight years of Qin Shi Huang ruling.

Lu Buwei tried to seize power by planning a coup while Qin Shi Huang was out of the area. A failed attempt ended up with Lu Buwei being banished and his associate and associate’s family being executed. Lu Buwei then committed suicide in 235 B.C. by drinking poison. After the death of Lu Buwei, Qin Shi Huang was taken over by a case of paranoia with that he banished all foreign scholars from his court.  After numerous attempts for his death Qin Shi Huang made it through.

The next on coming years Qin Shi Huang dealt with battling through the neighboring states, unifying China and starting the Great Wall and Ling Canal. As Qin Shi Huang began to hit his middle ages, he grew more and more afraid of death. Qin Shi became obsessed with finding a way to preserve his life. Qin Shi thought he could some how create something that would make him live forever. Many doctors and alchemists invented a number of potions, many of the potions contained mercury which probably quicken his death rather then lengthen his life. The Emperor requested that the construction of a gargantuan tomb would be made.

Qin Shi Huang wanted to have soldiers in the afterworld to protect him, and maybe allow him to conquer heaven as he had in China. Qin Shi also asked that a Terracotta army of at least 8,000 clay soldiers be placed in the tomb. The army must also included terracotta horses, along with real chariots and weapons. The warriors were created; each soldier had an individual and unique facial feature. The bodies and limbs were mass-produced from molds. If you would like to visit the Terracotta warriors you can by just visiting China Travel and taking a look trough the offered tours.

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