Walking through any local “Chinatown” the signature duck hanging from the ceiling is what most would see when traveling through China. To experience this delicious roasted duck you should take a look at Beijing Tours and come experience it first hand by just booking anyone of China Flights.

During the early 15th century, the Ming Dynasty capital was shifted from Nanjing to Beijing, the imperial court menus left roast duck as one of the famous dishes. Beijing’s local history records the earliest roast duck which was located in Bianyifang Restaurant, which opened during the Jiajing reign (1522-1566). To create this meal, the duck is hooked on to a hook which is in the ceiling of the oven and roasted over and roasted over burning wood. All over China cooks would travelled to the capital Beijing to cook for the Emperor. It was a prestigious occupation as only the best chefs could enter the palace kitchens. A top cook was even able to reach the rank of a minister!

When I first got to Beijing all I heard about was “Peking Duck”, I first learned its history like I stated above and then I was on my way to try to roasted duck myself. I was excited to try a new style of duck. I have had duck before seeing that I come from the West Indies I practically grew up on curry duck. Having the chance to taste a new type of duck excited me and my taste buds. I was briefed on the proper way to eat such a meal with all the other add along and must haves. The meal came with thin crêpes, which I then learned are called pancakes, scallions, and other vegetables and sauces of choice.

Steps on how to eat Peking duck or creating the perfect set up. Pick up a pancake in one hand and, using a section of raw scallion as a brush, paint a few splashes of bean sauce on the pancake. Next, place the scallions in the center of the pancake, and with your chopsticks add a few pieces of duck, finally rolling it up into a Swiss style for the meal to blend as one. This sums up the most delicious Chinese meal when first experimenting with an authentic Chinese dish.

My first hand experience with Peaking Duck has definitely left me with wanting more. Planning a trip to China and not having the chance to try such an incredible, mouth watering meal would just be without feat. There are major differences when eating a Chinese meal in New York’s Chinatown, and eating an authentic Chinese meal in Beijing or any other city of choice in China. The ambiance, the smell, colors, and ongoing lists of different meals will leave you falling in love with such meal city, and country. If you are planning a trip to China I would recommended using  or going thought some of the offered tours on Beijing Tours. Happy travels and remember to be as open minded as possible.

Jack Li
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