Before having a tour, you should get some useful informations. For example ,if you plan to travel to Beijing to visit the Imperial Palace.As we all have known , the Imperial Palace is so big that we do not have enough time to visit it around in a day .So we should know what is worth spending more time.And we should get some information about Beijing hotel avoiding the situation no rooms left happen. Now ,before traveling to Lushan. You should do the same thing. Here are some tips about the Lushan tour.

First , we should know what is the best time to visit. Lushan is in the subtropics eastern monsoon district in China having the characteristic of clear mountainous country climate, the mean temperature is 16.9 degrees of Celsius from July to September every year, and the extreme highest temperature is 32 degrees of Celsius in summer, it is cool and pleasant in summer. So the best season when you come to Lushan is certainly summer.

And then , we should know how to get there .There are three ways. One is aviation. The air transportation of Lushan is very convenient, there are services to everyplace of the whole country in airport of Nanchang.  Another is railway.Since Jingjiu Railroad was devoted in the cities, the railroad passenger transportation in Jiujiang are more convenient than previously.

Now,it is about hotels. There are each kind of guest houses in Jiujiang City at the side of Lushan, satisfy the consumption level of each layer. It is all higher in the guest house in the view district of Lushan to charge of the peak season.Increase along with the visitors, it will appear the circumstance of the supply falls short of demand in the stanzas. So we warmly remind that each visitor must order the rooms in advance in the stanzas and the tour high peak time.

During the tour of Lushan, there are many scene spots .Here are several spots you should have a look.Flower Path,where various rare flowers are scattered . Meilu Villa,established in 1903 by Britain’s Lord Lannoze, reflects British winding corridors architectural style, and stresses the abstract beautiful rule of the building . Five-old-man Peak, like five old men chatting to each other. The famous Tang Dynasty poet Libai left a poem about the beautiful scenery here. There are five little peaks coming in every shape before the main peak.

Everytime going to travel, the theme of food will never be out of considering.The Mount Lushan stone fish is transparent and has no scales. Stone fish of Mount Lushan live in mountain springs and waterfalls and inhabits in rocks that waterfall flows through all the year round, So people call it Stone Fish. It is small sized and the meat is delicate and delicious.

Both Mount Lushan Stone Fungus and dark auricularia auriculajudae are wild limb fungus plants found in uninhabited overhanging cliffs. It’s rich in nutrition.Stone Fungus can relieve internal heat, manage dysentery, poisonous snake bites, toothache, and constipation. Other benefits include lowering blood pressure ,which attract the masses to buy it.

Last,there are some things that visitors should pay attention to. If you go to Mount Lushan between July and August, do be careful of thunderstorm and rainy days! Take a raincoat with you.
Compared to Jiujiang, it is colder in Lushan .You should prepare outer wear.

With the tips , I believe you can a better and more smooth tour. A good preparation is not only suitable for Lushan tour, but also suitable for other China Tours.

Jack Li
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