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Shangri-La is such a wonderful place that it can satisfy the need that you want to have a Tibet tour and enjoy the beauty of the grassland in Inner Mongolia.Shangri-La tour is one of the most famous China tours around the world.

Beneath billowig clouds,in China’s far South western Yunnan province, there lies a place of mystery and legend of mighty rivers and some of the oldest jungles in the world.

It was the British wirter James Hiton’s novel, The Lost Horizon, some 50 years ago, that brought fame to an unknown and uncontaminated place-Shangri-la –a household name. The novel described in great detail the stunnin scenery in the area : the azure sky ,jte breathtaking beauty and the hospitality of unsophisticated people who welcome weary travelers to their homeland.In Tibetan ,Shangri-La means a place of good fortune and luck.

Located in the midst of the three rivers; the torrential Jinsha ,Langcan and Nujiang, Shangri-La is a sacred scenic region with distinguishing features, Scores of years have withnessed of the failure of numberous efforts to seek  out and pinpoint the exact lacation of the dreamland.A few years ago , after years of persistent searching and researching ,the government of Yunnan Province finally declared the discovery of Shangri-la and the lost horizon was recovered in Diqing ,this stunning prefecture in Yunnan Province.

A popularly believed inspiration for Shangri-La is the Hunza Valley in northern Pakistan, close to the Tibetan border, which Hilton visited a few years before Lost Horizon was published. Being an isolated green valley surrounded by mountains, enclosed on the western end of the Himalayas, it closely matches the description in the novel. A Shangri-La resort in the nearby Skardu valley is a popular tourist attraction.

Shangri-La is inhabited by many different ethnic groups, with the Tibetans comprising the majority of the population. There you will have an opportunity to experience Tibetan life and learn about their lifestyle, religion and cuisine. The unique scenery, highlighted by plateaus, together with the fascinating ethnic culture makes Shangri-La very attractive and charming to visit.

Shangri-La is rich in natural resources from valuable herbs to rich mineral deposits (including gold, silver, copper, manganese and many other rare metals) to abundant animal resources (such as golden monkeys, leopards and musk deer). Shangri-La is a land full of natural wonders.

As a Chinese saying goes, “The earliest sunrise is seen in Shangri-La; and the most unique place is also there”. Once you visit, you will fully appreciate the meaning of this saying. In addition, the warm welcome of the residents of this land will make you feel at home.

Without a railway line and with only a small regional airport within its boundaries, Shangri-La mainly relies on its roads as the main means of transportation. The Yunnan – Tibet Road, Sichuan – Tibet Road and Xikang – Tibet Road all pass through there, which really brings more convenience to the local land traffic.

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