Having been such a long time in big city always filled with people and traffic, do you feel tired for the noisy city life and dirty air and want to enjoy staying alone and breath fresh air? Having been working hard for such a long time ,do you feel tired for the high-pressure work and want to relax yourself and be ready for the coming challenge ? It is just really lucky to having such a nice place in China tours.Unlike the Beijing tours and Guangzhou tours ,Lushan tour make people felt indeed fresh .

Lushan locates in the north of Chinese Jiangxi Province, the area is 302 square kilometers, the area of the outer circle protection district is 500 square kilometers. It is close to Yangtze River of a long distance in the north,is close to the Fanyang Lake, the river, lake and mountain are successful combination. The unusual and magnificent landscape views of Lushan have the very high science value and tour appreciation value. Lushan faces the river and the lake, the mountain is high and the valley is deep, having the clear characteristic of mountainous country climate.

There are mankind’s activities in the area of Lushan as early as 6,000 years ago. For long time, the people create Lushan culture here, its content is abundant and affects is profound.

In A.D 817, a great poet named Bai Juyi was confirmed of the natural  beauty and worth of Lushan .He considered that Lushan should rank the first place in the famous mountain list in China. He said that”  Jia Tianxi Kuanglujixiu”.And for these thousand years,this sentence have been the most suitable opinion for Lushan.

A lot of famous cultural people of East Jin, such as Tao Yuanming, Xie Lingyun, Zong Bing etc., arrived at Lushan continuously, carried on the outstanding cultural art creations, making Lushan become the origin place of Chinese landscape poem, the plan source ground of Chinese idyll and the birthplace of Chinese landscape paintings.

From ancient to modern time, there have been three stages that Lushan indicated the historical trend in China .The famous academician , Hushi pointed that three relics in Lushan represented three trends ,Donglin representing Buddhism’s population; Bailu Hole representing the culture in Song Dynasty which had been the trend of the culture for over 700 years; Guling ,representing the western culture invading Chinese culture.

The one who conceive nourished the abundant of history and culture of Lushan, these handed over mutually glorious and reflected, benefited by association together, express fully special magic power of Lushan which is as the famous mountain of the world.

In December 1996, teaches the Inheritance of World Committee of Education, Science and Cultural Organization in United Nations approved Lushan to be listed in The Inheritance of World Record with cultural view of world, gave full evaluation to the world value of Lushan: The history historic relic of Lushan takes its special way to melt in the natural beauties which have the outstanding worth, becomes the cultural view which has the very high esthetics value and are close to the Chinese nation spirit and cultures life mutually!

If you have heard of the academicians mentioned just now and want to have the wonderful feeling just as the poet had while writing the great poem ,you should come and have a visit.Now ,it is time to go and book a China Flight .

Jack Li

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