When we’re choosing a place for traveling , its sightseeings ,history and  culture always being accounted, usually, its local food palys an important role . As all we have knowned, Guangzhou tour is famous for its various kinds of distinctive food. ,zhouzhuang is famous for its traditional culture , but  the food in zhouzhuang can not be ignored. Around the world , China tour is famed for its food. Zhouzhuang has been boasting fertile land, abundant resources, and delicious food since ancient times. It would be a pity not to have tasted the local food while visiting there.  Now , some of the most famous food in Zhouzhuang will be introduced.

Fisrtly, I will introduced the most special food , “Pig’s Hoofs of Wansan”  .This kind of food originated in Shen’s family in the Ming Dynasty which was used to entertain guests. Shen Wansan, a renowned rich man south of the Yangtze River, had used a pig’s hoof as an indispensable dish to treat distinguished guests at his banquets, thus earning the dish its current name. The well-chosen pig’s hoof with specially-made flavourings is cooked or steamed with water in a terrine for 24 hours. Thigh of Wansan Pig is soft and easy to chew, saline and sweet, catering to all tastes, delicious but not greasy.

Secondly, Pottage of Water Shields and Perch.will be introduced. The local perch there has always been praised for its tender meat, freshness and absence of small bones. Water shields are aquatic vegetables that grow in the riverways of this water town. It is a perfect match to cook perch with the fresh leaves and stems of the water shields. In addition, this local dish enjoys the reputation as one of the three most famous dishes south of the Yangtze River. And there is a story that Zhanghan , a bel-esprit in Jin Dynasty, quit his job and come home just because he miss this food.

Finally, it is turn for Granny’s Tea.When visitors come to Zhouzhuang, they may notice some elderly women gathering together to drink tea. However, few people know the true story behind tea-drinking and tea-making in this town. All the people in the town are fond of tea, but they are fastidious about their tea-making methods. For instance, tea sets must be old, water is required to be boiled in a pottery jar and the fuel should be either bamboo or tea tree branches. The correct way of making tea is like this: put some tea leaves in a teapot or cup, pour a little hot water, wait a few minutes, and then infuse boiling water to make the tea. When people sample tea, they often as drink and eat melon seeds, tender boiled beans, candied fruits and pastries among other delicacies. Tea made in this fashion is called “Granny’s tea”.

There are also many other kinds of food. Such us Wansan cake, Tongzi cucumber, Shrimp, Sanweiyuan  and so on .

The long history of the folkways and folk customs makes Zhouzhuang a famous scenic spot worthy of its reputation. Millions of visitors from home and abroad visit the town each year. Zhouzhuang is shining brightly south of the Yangtze River with its surrounding water, calmness and tranquillity, and its profound cultural heritage.

Jack Li

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