Anciet towns are always my favors,among whicn Danba ranks the first place.Like other China tours,such as Zhouzhuang tour, Wuzhen tour, Danba has its own fantastic , amazing and attractive features. Though compared to other travel industry sites, Danba’s traffic is a little inconvenient ,but if you book a Chengdu Flight ,it will cost less time to get there.

Danba lies on the eastern border of the Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Region, within western Sichuan.Danba covers 5,649 square kilometers living almost 57,000 people from 15 different nations,but most of them belong Zang nationality.  Danba is said to have the”most beautiful ethnic villages in China” by the Chinese National Geographic in 2005 and is very popular with tourists. Zhonglu , Jiaju and Sopo village are famous for their watchtowers and their beautiful traditional Tibetan fortress-like houses.

Danba is famous for three things—watchtowers and belles.To most people’s surprise, it is its belles. A country,with only 70,000 people ,has almost 3,000 females work as actors ,dancers and so on in other places.For recent years, scholars have carried on many researches to find out whether Jiarong , Danba is a place rich in beauties,and the conclusion is yes. The fiction Journey to the West mentions that the ancient China has a place called Daughter Country in which every female has a good looking.Maybe Jiarong is just that place.So,if you outline a very magical picture for the Daughter Country,there is a need for you to go there and then your dream maybe come true.

Once in Danba, people visit the watchtowers that are scattered about the county. With unique architectural features, the watchtowers in Danba are more outstanding than the ones in other areas of northwestern Sichuan Province, where the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups live in compact communities. The watchtowers in Danba vary in height from 16 to 35 meters. They stand in knots on hillsides or alone on the tops of undulating hills.
The people of Danba built watchtowers with stone materials. They used stone slabs for the walls and stone blocks for the foundations. The watchtowers were designed in polygonal shapes. The shapes include the square, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon. It is said that there was once a watchtower with 13 sides. Built by closely laying stone slabs together, the walls of these watchtowers are perfectly even and straight. According to archaeologists, the people of Danba began to build walls using stone slabs in 1700 BC.

All of the watchtowers in Danba have a door fitted about five meters above their foundation; and people must climb a wooden ladder to get into them. When the villages were invaded, people hid in the watchtowers. They drew back the ladder and closed the door so that the invaders could do nothing against them. The watchtowers also have apertures from which archers could shoot at invaders.
In addition to watchtowers, visitors can enjoy the Tibetan life-style and customs of the Danba people, including their distinctive costumes and ornaments and their songs and dances. The people of Danba are hospitable and will entertain you with their homegrown seasonal fruits and nuts when you enter their homes.

Danba is so fantastic that you should not hesitate and book a Chengdu fights to have an exciting tour.

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