When you will have a china travel, you must have a Travel to Xi’an city. No visit to China will be complete without a few days’ stay in Xi’an. As one of China’s seven ancient national capitals, it served as the capital for 12 dynasties over 1,000 years. Thus Xi’an is blessed with a great number of precious relics and historical sites.

Terra Cotta Warriors Museum

About 35 kilometers east to the Xian City in Lin Tong County is the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Qin Shi Huang, which was included in the list of the UNESCO World Heritage in 1987. Being a part of the Mausoleum, the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum was also included in the list, which stands about 1.5 kilometers east to the Mausoleum.

So far there are over 8, 000 full-sized warriors and horses and more than 100 chariots been excavated. All of the terra cotta warriors were lively made, and from their hair styles, clothes and gestures, it is easy to tell their identities and duties, generals, officers, cavalry or infantry. There were also over 100, 000 bronze weapons unearthed, which after more than 2,000 years are still sharp and shining, which showed that people had known the metallurgical technology well in the ancient time. In the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum, there are two sets of bronze chariots and horses on exhibition, which were excavated to the west of the Mausoleum and are so far the biggest ones unearthed in China. Because of the limited technology today, most of the excavated warriors and horses have been buried under earth again for better protection and at present there are only 1,000 warriors and horses on exhibition.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the most famous Chinese pagodas and was built inside the Ci En Temple in the south of Chang’an city (today’s Xian) in 652 BC in Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is said that the pagoda was designed and built to consecrate and store the Sankrit Classics and Buddhist statues and relics by the eminent monk, Xuan Zang, who brought them from the ancient Indian. At the southern square of the Ci En Temple, there stands a bronze statue of Xuan Zang to commemorate the great achievement he has made in developing the Buddhism.

This brick-build 7-story pagoda is over 64 meters high and used to be the highest building of the Chang’an City, so is regarded as a symbolic building of the city. According to the recent survey, the pagoda has leaned more than one meter so far.

Xian City Wall

Xian City Wall is the best-preserved ancient city wall in China and also the largest and most complete military facility in the world.

Xian City Wall was built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) expanded from the city wall remains of the Shui and Tang Dynasty. The walls are still strong and solid nowadays. Its well-preserved walls, moat, gates, drawbridge, main towers, watchtowers, parapet walls and crenels etc display an ancient defense system in integrity for the tourists today.

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