Houhai Bar Street

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Thinking of China Travel, Beijing Tours may be the first choice, while talking about nightlife in Beijing, Houhai Bar Street and Sanlitun Bar Street might be the top two attractions.

Full of small bars and pubs, Houhai is Beijing’s newly developed bar street. Unlike Sanlitun Bar Street, people can relax in the open air both in the day and at night. Here nature beauty is just by your side.

With the glow of lights over the lake, Hohai takes on an unreal feeling. Most cafes and restaurants are individually owned and have their own unique style and service. They don’t copy each other’s good ideas. Around there are characteristic restaurants, drugstores and chophouses as well as old courtyards and houses. Glancing the passers, you may find it’s more like the bar of the Beijingers, full of atmosphere of traditional culture.

Houhai, at one time, was one of Beijing’s most famous summer resorts. Historical books records the grand spectacle in the summer when officials, scholars and common people alike flocked there to appreciate tea, lotus roots, operas and other types of entertainment.

As urban modernization relentlessly moves on, many people are becoming more nostalgic. Houhai is one of the last places for them to enjoy the natural beauty, appreciate the traditional culture and trace the history of old Beijing.

Lakes, hutongs, courtyards, the strong flavor of tradition plus the small shops beside the lakes attract multitudes of Beijing’s rising petty bourgeois. To those nouveau riches, bar life is more than just a fashion, it is a matter of attitude towards life. To them, life at night is intolerable without visiting bars. Nowadays, however, many of them have abandoned Sanlitun, because they regard Sanlitun as low-quality, just a good place for visitors.

When the sun goes down, lights are shining and people are shoulder by shoulder on the bank. Various kinds of bars are open, the lights reflected on the lake twinkling like stars. Relying on the profound traditional culture, every bar in Houhai is full of people.

Houhai is in the Shichahai district. Nearby there are many scenic spots such as Prince Gong’s Mansion, Beihai Park, Nanluoguxiang, and the Drum Tower, etc. On weekends, Houhai is more animated: you can find people everywhere, in the bar or beside the banisters. Handreds of cars park and thousands of people are around there. As the bars are built beside the beautiful scene, so the bar, the scene, the culture and regional character become the whole.

In the evening, if you have been tired of staying in the Beijing Hotels, just go to the Houhai Bar Street for relaxation and entertainment.

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