I’ve always been deeply attracted by the picturesque natural scenery in China, so when planning my China Tours, I firstly chose Guilin Tours. Experiencing the romantic atmosphere, I appreciated the charming wonders in Li River.

We boarded two pleasure boats at 8:30 a.m. for a spectacular five-hour cruise along the winding Li River. The boats travelled approximately 25 km down the 80 km river, and then turned back to dock at Yangdi, a small village at the foot of two mountains (said to resemble the horns of a sheep). Every boatload of tourists was met by hundreds of local peasants, all eager to profit by selling whatever they could to the foreigners. In the past, boats landed at Yangshuo, another small town, but because of the deteriorating condition of the road leading to Guilin, this return bus route had been discontinued.

Legend told us that every sailor drowned in the Li would transformed into a demon clutching at the boats which navigate the rapids. As the launch floated past villages, bamboo groves, and mist-shrouded crags, one had the sensation of being carried backwards in time through a traditional Chinese painting. Local river rafts are still physically towed upstream in convoys. A few are still towed by men and women in harness.


Along the way, famous rock formations came into view: Elephant Trunk Hill, just outside Guilin, suggests an elephant drinking from the river; Old Man Mountain resembles the head and neck of a man in profile; and the varicolored vines on the rock of Mural Hill, also known as Nine-horse Hill, resemble horses in different poses, one neighing, another bending to drink, a third lying down.

The boat passed through the Luogu Rapids, where the sound of the rushing water was something similar to gongs and drums. Further along loom Folded Brocade Hill, with its multicolored vegetation, and Crescent Moon Hill, whose summit contained a cave shaped like a half moon. The two hour bus ride back to Guilin from Yangdi provided a fleeting glimpse of typical Guangxi Country side.

Green hills, clear water, fantastic caves and spectacular rocks create a lovely and distinctly Chinese landscape, one instantly recognizable from  images on silk, porcelain and even the back of 20 Yuan RMB.

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Jack Li

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