1. Where should I go on my first trip to China?

It firstly dependents on how much time you have to arrange. Generally speaking, Beijing Tours, Shanghai Tours and Xi’an Tours are recommended for your first trip to China.

Beijing is the political and cultural center of China, where you can visit a part of the Great Wall—— the Badaling and the residential area of emperors of Qing and Ming Dynasties——the Imperial Palace as well as the Imperial Gardens——the Summer Palace and Beihai Park. You can also enjoy the flavors of roasted Beijing dark and instant-boiled mutton. Shanghai is the largest city of China. It is the best place for shopping. The full range of local delicacies, cookies, handicrafts and textiles will satisfy you. Suzhou and Hangzhou, a few hours’ drive from Shanghai, represent the Arts of Chinese Garden and are crowned as “paradise on earth”. The city of Xian was the starting point of the ancient Silk Road and was the capital of thirteen ancient dynasties. The newly unearthed Terracotta Warriors are recognized as “the eighth wonder of the world”. Great Wild Goose Pagoda and Drum Tower are left over from Tang Dynasty. You can also take a hot spring bath in Huangqing Pool, which used to be a private bath for Yang Guifei. Otherwise you can pay homage to the Tomb of Huangdi, not far from Xi’an, as a descendent of Emperor Yan and Huang. In Xi’an, you can enjoy the Tang style music and dance, and taste Tangish cuisine.

2. What is most worth buying in China and where to buy it?

Chinese handicrafts, silk, porcelain, carpets and cotton textiles have high reputation in the world. The price is more reasonable than other places in the world, and more choices are available in China. Each place in China has its own local specialties. For example, Beijing’s cloisonné and carpets, Shanghai’s Chinese clothing and cotton textiles, Hangzhou’s silk, Suzhou’s antiques and Xian’s terra cotta figures and three-color glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty. If you don’t want to bother, you can buy these once for all in Beijing or Shanghai’s friendship stores. Friendship stores in big cities usually have plenty supply, and offer mail service. Visitors who are interested in art can also purchase paintings and antiques. But remember invoice and identification mark (a red wax seal) are needed to go through the Customs.

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