According to the 2010 report released by Airports Council International, Asian airports occupied all of the seats of world’s five best airports, among which Beijing Capital International Airport ranked the fourth place and Shanghai Pudong International Airport fifth. This shows China, initiated by the major airline hubs, has developed a very sophisticated air flight system in terms of either domestic travels or international connections. Three of the China’s leading airports, shown as below, ensure pleasures of China Flights on your China Tours

Beijing Capital International Airport is the principal airport of Beijing and the busiest civilian airport in China, and meanwhile, the headquarter of Air China. It once replaced Tokyo Haneda Airport as the busiest airport in Asian and listed among the four busiest airports in Asia, together with Hong Kong, Bangkok and Tokyo in 2004. The same year, the third terminal building started to be built and opened into use before Beijing 2008 Olympics after four years’ construction. It is the largest independent terminal building, as large as 170 soccer fields. Since then, Beijing Capital Airport became the first one nationwide with three terminal buildings, two control towers and three aerodrome runways in service coinstantaneously.

Beijing Capital International Airport is an important portal of entry for foreign exchanges, being the center of network of China Civil Aviation. At present, it has 98 domestic flights to 91 cities of the country and 101 international flights to 76 cities outside China. Compared with this crucial transportation hub in Northeast Asia, the other airport in Beijing, Nanyuan Airport is small. It is for both military and civilian use. There are domestic flights only, heading for some major cities like Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Haikou, Sanya, Chongqing, Changsha and some smaller place, such as Foshan, Linyi, Fuyang, Ordos, Baotou, Quzhou, Yulin, Lianyungang, Changzhou, Hailar and Manchuria.

There are two international airports in one city. This fact makes Shanghai outstanding as the largest city in China. Pudong International Airport play more important role. At present, it has three runways, two terminal buildings, 218 gate positions and 70 boarding walkways. It is affordable an annual passenger throughput of 60 million. There are averagely 700 flights of departure or arrival in one day, making up some 60 percent of Shanghai airports’ total flights amount. It includes the direct flights to New York by US Continental Airlines, Mexico by Mexicana Airlines, Zurich by Swiss International Airlines and Atlanta by Delta Airlines. Over 60 Chinese and overseas airlines set up business here. The flight network covers over 90 cities and regions outside China and more than 70 domestic cities.

15 airlines have scheduled flights to Hongqiao Airport, among which China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Spring Airlines are headquartered at this airport. It connects Shanghai with more than 60 cities in China and chartered flights to two cities in Japan and South Korea.

At the joint area of Renhe Town in Baiyun District and Xinhua Town in Huadu District, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport is about 28 kilometers from the central downtown of Guangzhou, Haizhu Square. It is one of the three air transportation hub in China. There are totally 123 scheduled flights, and 86 flights of them are domestic. Every day, there are more than five hundred flight taking off and landing. In the end of 2007, the annual passenger throughput in Guangzhou Airport reached 31 million, far beyond the expectation before the new airport was settled down in 2004. China Southern Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines choose the airport as their headquarters.

The airport is located in the center area of Asia-Pacific region. Major cities worldwide can be reached in 15 hours from Guangzhou. Its network covers South and Southeast Asian, being an important traffic hub to go to Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, there are flights to Melbourne and Sydney of Australia, Paris, Los Angeles and Lagos of Nigerian, connecting flight to Amsterdam via Beijing and some flight to Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya of Japan, Seoul of Korea, etc. China Southern Airlines has most domestic and international flights here.

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