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When you are tired in traveling in china, what do you want to do? In order to make your China Tours in china more interesting, I will give you some tips about the Beijing parks where you will enjoy the amazing things in spring and forget the worries. When you Travel to Beijing, you can enjoy the beautiful things in spring in the gardens except the wonders.

Beihai Park

Beihai Park is one of the most popular parks in the city of Beijing. It covers a total area of over 68 hectares, more than half of it is taken up by the lake. Located northwest of the Forbidden City, this park has an 800-year history as the royal garden — and playground — of the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. It is used to be the former palace of the emperors in successive dynasties, called the Winter Palace by Westerners. Early in the 10th century, the Liao dynasty a secondary imperial palace and an island (Jade Islet) were built here. It was expanded by digging a lake, adding more palace halls when Jin Empire took over; during the Yuan dynasty was rebuilt three times. The Ming and the Qing saw more construction and renovation: The Five Dragon Pavilions and the Nine-dragon Screen and pavilions were added.

Taoranting Park

Taoranting Park located southwest of Tiananmen Square opened to the public in 1956.

Taoranting means “Joyous Pavilion” and refers to the Temple of Mercy which stood in the grounds of the present day park.

Taoran Ting (Taoran Pavilion) is known as one of China’s four most famous historical pavilions, together with Aiwan Pavilion in Changsha, Huxin Pavilion in Hangzhou and Zuiweng Pavilion in Chuzhou. Taoran Pavilion was built in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and was a meeting point for poets, scholars and activists.

Beijing Botanical Gardens

Beijing Botanical Gardens, lying at foot of the West Hill (Xi Shan) in the suburbs of Beijing, are a relaxing, inexpensive place to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. The Gardens are particularly spectacular in spring, with their blossom-laden fruit trees, and in autumn, when the vivid reds, greens, browns and golds of the vegetation heralds the approach of winter. Try to avoid weekend visits in spring as the park can get quite crowded with Beijing residents checking out the blossom.

The Garden grounds are well-signposted – head for the newly-opened visitor centre if you want to buy a cheap English brochure and map. A map can also be downloaded at the Beijing Botanical Garden website. For specific information you can call the Garden information service, although the English of the staff can be extremely patchy at times.


Zhongshan Park is a wonderful escape into a more natural environment after visiting museums, galleries and Tiananmen Square.

Spring is particularly stunning in Zhongshan Park. There are huge swathes of tulips planted throughout the park lining paths, or adding splashes of colour under avenues of trees. It really has to be seen if visiting Beijing during the spring.

If visiting the park during the May Day holiday don’t expect to be alone. The park is very popular with many Beijingers and visitors from other parts of China. At the same time you can still find a quiet area to sit and ‘watch the world go by’ or alternatively strike up a conversation with some of the friendly locals wanting to practice their English.

Jingshan Park

Immediately across the road from the north entrance to the Forbidden City lies Jingshan Park (景山公园). Jingshan Park is also known as Coal Hill. It owes its existence to the moat built around the Forbidden City in 1420. Not only did the park provide somewhere to store the soil dug out of the moat, but it was planned in line with fengshui practice to protect the palace from the northern winds.

An interesting story about Jingshan Park is associated with the Ming Dynasty, because the last emperor hung himself as Manchu troops came to Beijing. There is a marker and notice board with the story on the eastern path in the park.

In Beijing you will not only enjoy the great wonders such as great wall, summer palace, but can appericiate the natrual things in the beijing gardens. You will have a unforgettable china travel.

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