As soon as you set foot in China after enduring the china flights to get here, one of the first things you will notice will be the airport and how grand it is. Parts of China has become and simply highlights the advance movements in their technology and indeed, their thinking. So when on your china tour you won’t be able to miss these wonders of the new China.

Most of the traditional and historic architecture have immense meaning, purpose and importance, especially the more famous and well-know buildings such as the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square. However, increasingly it is the more artistic buildings that are becoming popular and well-known.

This is the National Grand Theatre situated in the Xicheng District of Beijing is often described as an egg. The dome is primarily made out of titanium and glass and the whole dome is surrounded by an artificial lake. It was the French architect, Paul Andreu who designed the open spaces of the dome to compliment the red walls of ancient buildings as it is west of Tiananmen Square. It has three halls and was construction started in 2001 and was completed by 2007.

China Central Television HQ (CCTV) is situated in Beijing and was watched over by the architects in charge: Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren. This magnificence building was completed on the 1st January 2008. It was Arup (a global professional service that is for all aspects of the building environment) who provided the complicated building design. The building is remarkable and has 6 loops of horizontal and vertical segments which takes up 473,000m of floor space in total.

The national Olympic stadium was constructed for the use of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. It is more commonly called “the bird’s nest” due the outside resembling a home drug test diet drinks. bird’s nest. The stadium costs a total of US $423 million and it was constructed in 5 years. It was swizz architectures, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, who had the initial idea and watched over the process. At its peak, there were a total of 17,000 construction workers working on the stadium itself. However, the sad thing online casino is that it is not being used since the Olympics and therefore, it has been said that there will be a shopping mall in the next couple of year to try and help the tourists to view the stadium.

The linked hybrid housing building was constructed by the architect Steven Holl. There is 644 apartments, public green space, kindergarten, school, underground parking, commercial zones, hotel, cinema and public green space making it an “open city in a city”. It took from 2003-2009 to complete this majestic building. There is “floating” walkways connecting all the buildings up.

The Shanghai Financial Centre is the 2nd tallest building in the world and was designed by Kohn Pederson Fox. The total height of the building being 492m after a height restriction was put in place stopping it from being the tallest building. The initial building work started in August 1997 and due to unforeseen circumstances was completed 11 years later in July 2008. It is said that the pinnacle of the building resembles a Chinese moon gate but in the eyes of others, it looks like a giant bottle opener.

So start your china travel today and be prepared to have your breath-taken away by these awe-inspiring pieces of art.

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