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If you are on your Beijing Tours and are looking for a good English book to read during your nights at the hotel, train or bus rides then Beijing is one place where you can find all sorts of English bookstores.

Travel to Beijing as there are lots of Bookstores cater for native English speakers and people who want to read all types of English books. There are a lot of bookstores everywhere around Beijing so you would not have a hard time finding the bookstores.

Here are some lists of English Bookstores around Beijing:

1)   The Foreign Languages Bookstore (Waiwen Shudian)


Beijing Foreign Languages Bookstore

 This bookstore is situated in Wangfujing and it has been a mainstay for foreigners in Beijing for many years. It contains a large collection of books on Chinese art, history, literature, language, medicine economics and art books, post cards are all in English. It also carries some classic western novels and a selection of imported books on Chinese history, religion, philosophy, and a couple of dozen western travel guidebooks.

Opening Hours: 9am to 8.30pm

Tel: 6512 – 6903

2) Haidian Foreign Languages Bookstore

This Foreign Languages bookstore has a wide and interesting selection of books on Chinese culture, economics, literature, standard classic American and British novels and a small selection of older imported books. In addition, the street this bookstore is on has several used bookstores, some of which have small selections of English books. Haidian Foreign Languages Bookstore is just located at the Zhongguo Haidian Tushucheng, just south of Beijing University

Opening Hours: 9am-6:30pm
Tel: 6252-9345

3)      Beijing Books Centre

The Beijing Books Centre at the Xinhua Bookstore is new and simply massive, with a large collection of English books on the second floor dealing with all aspects of Chinese culture and some Western classics. Beijing Books Centre is situated at the Xinhua Bookstore 17 West Changan Ave.

Opening Hours: 9am-8:30pm
Tel: 6607-8477

4)      The Friendship Store English Bookstore

Inside the first floor of the Friendship Store is a small bookstore featuring Western magazines, lots of imported books on Chinese history and culture, current Western novels, and travel books. (A hint about buying books at this store: if you find something here that is published in China, it is better to instead pick it up at the nearby Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore or the Wangfujing Foreign Languages Bookstore, since the markup at The Friendship Store is at times quite steep). The Friendship Store English Bookstore is situated at 17 Jianguomenwai Dajie.

Opening Hours: 9am-9pm
Tel: 6500-3311

Friendship Bookstore

5)      The Beijing Language and Culture University Press Bookstore

This is the best place in Beijing to buy Chinese language learning books of all levels. There are tapes, dictionaries, phrase and grammar books, slang books, and even famous Western books on linguistics in this bookstore. The Beijing Language and Culture University Press Bookstore is situated next to the south gate of the Beijing Language and Culture University Chengfu Lu, Haidian

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-4pm
Tel: 8230-3653

6)      The China Bookstore

This store has a small collection of English books but it is the place in Beijing to buy Chinese art books, books on calligraphy, post cards, and photography books. The selection is impressive. Alongside both East and West Liulichang Street, which run in front of the main entrance to this bookstore, are several other good art bookstores. This famous area has sold books and art supplies in Beijing for more than 300 years. And while it is now touristy, it is still the place to get some excellent and cheap art books. The China Bookstore is situated in 115 Dongxi Liulichang Jiedao.

Opening Hours: 9am-6:30pm
Tel: 6317-5607

So book your Beijing Flights now and don’t worry about being bored because Beijing has everything to offer for everyone!

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