Eating in Guangzhou

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When you Travel to Guangzhou, you will taste so many kinds of delicious food in your Guangzhou Tours. Cantonese Cuisine, or Yue Cuisine, is one of eight famous kinds of dishes in China which include Lu, Chuan, Yue, Min, Su, Zhe, Xiang, Hui Cuisine in China. It is famous for its special taste and types of dish in the whole world. Cantonese Cuisine, including Guangzhou Cuisine, Chaozhou Cuisine and Dongjiang Cuisine, has a long history.

Guangzhou, situated in the south of China and close to Macao and Hong Kong, is an open window to the outside world. The saying “Eating in Guangzhou” has been known all over the world and is a unique cultural slogan attracting worldwide attention. Nowadays there appears a special pattern in Guangzhou’s catering trade, which features various kinds of food styles, including the traditional food and innovative food. In Guangzhou, people could eat Chinese food cooked in western style or Western food cooked in Chinese style, southern style food with northern flavor, northern style food with southern flavor. All these food styles make Cantonese food more attractive.

Major features of Cantonese cuisine are that steaming, braising, frying, baking skills; stressing that dishes should be fresh, tender or smooth; tastes should be raw, crisp, fresh and thin; clear but not tasteless, fresh but not strong, tender but not half-cooked, oily but not too greasy; stressing the use of strong fire to cook to get full tastes and flavors.

Roast Goose is one of Guangzhou’s most famous dishes and is one of the traditional roasted dishes of Guangzhou.The wings, feet and entrails being removed, the body is then blown, besmeared with five fragrant seasonings, sewed in stomach, shortly boiled in water, poured with cold water, besmeared with sugar juice, air-dried and preserved, and then hung and rolled in the oven or above the flame. Then cut it into pieces, arrange on the plate and it can be served. The roast goose colored brown and tasty.

Roasted Sucking Pig is another famous Cantonese dish in dinner. Guangzhou has the workmanship of roasting sucking pig for more than 1400 years. The ancients had given it high praise: colored as amber and also gold; melted entering mouth; shaped as if the snow; tasted uncommon. When the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was in Guangzhou the White Swan Hotel entertained her roasted sucking pig. Roasted sucking pig is the most representational traditional food in Guangzhou and usually served for special occasions. The flesh of the sucking pig is pale and tender and the skin is crispy and highly valued as pork rinds.

Because of Guangdong’s location on the southern coast of China, fresh live seafood is a specialty in Cantonese cuisine. Prawns, shrimps, scallops, lobster and crab are all in plentiful supply. Many popular restaurants have live seafood tanks. From the Cantonese perspective, it is best cooked seafood by steaming. In some recipes, only a small amount of soy sauce, ginger, and spring onion is added to steamed fish.

Unlike other Chinese cuisines, the Cantonese usually serves soup before a meal. The soup is usually a broth prepared by simmering meat and other ingredients for several hours. Sometimes, Chinese herbal medicines are added to the pot. The ingredients of a rather expensive Cantonese slow cooked soup are: fresh whole chicken, dried air bladder of cod fish, dried sea cucumber and dried abalone. The combinations are varied and numerous

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  1. I came upon some wonderful food while visiting Guangzhou. One dish, I wish I could remember the name, was served in the mornings. It was a large flat noodle, I believe rice noodle because it was white, and the cook poured it out on the griddle making a large pancake like shape, and he would mix in some barbeque pork. It was delicious. I wish I could remember its name because I would love to find a place here in Los Angeles that makes it.

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