The Purple Bamboo Park

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When you are on your China Tour, don’t forget to Travel to Beijing and check out The Purple Bamboo Park, which is one of the seven largest parks in Beijing. It is situated at the southern end of Baishiqiao Road, with its eastern gate directly across the streets from Capital Gymnasium.

The Purple Bamboo Park

The park is very big and it has three connecting lakes covering 11 out of the parks 14 hectares. There are five bridges connecting the lakes, islands and hills into a single integrated area. A temple, known in the Ming Dynasty as the Temple of Longevity (Wanshousi) originally stood to the northwest of the lake. Nowadays all that remains of the original temple are the two stone steel and traces of two landing platforms on the banks of the river. The garden has a variety of bamboos on display, with the variety ranging as much as up to 50 species. There is also an art museum located within the park.

Temple at The Purple Bamboo Park

The Purple Bamboo Park has a long history. According to early records, before the third century it formed the upper reaches of the Gaoliang (Sorghum) River, and a famous Gaoliang Bridge stood nearby the east. In the Ming Dynasty, the bridge was a favourite spot for the city people during the QingMing (Clear and Bright Festival), when “young girls riding in horse-drawn carts, and city fold competing with drums and banners”. In the 13th century, the lakes of Purple Bamboo Park served as a reservoir providing an important part of Beijing’s water supply.

After 1949, the People’s government transformed the fields into a new park. Through several years of construction, the park was provided with lush bamboos, shady trees, small bridges and open-air pavilions. In 1981, on the eve of May Day, a new two-story 1000-square-meter waterside complex was build and opened to the public on North Mountain (Beishan) island. It consists of the Purple Bamboo Pavilion, the Gallery for watching the Moon, a winding walkway that leads out over the water and a square pavilion.

Address: No. 45, Baishiqiao, Haidian, Beijing.

Entry Ticket: 5 Yuan                          Tel: 86-10-68420055

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