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During your china travel, don’t forget to go for tea tasting at Dr. Tea as part of your Beijing Tours as this is a great way to try out different types of teas and get to know some useful information about certain teas as well.

I went for tea tasting at Dr. Tea few days ago and I had lots of fun. The tea hostesses were really helpful and they do provide English tea tasting tours for foreigners.  They speak good English as well so do not worry if you can’t speak mandarin or can’t understand them. The tea hostesss are all professional and very skilled to the point that you will be amaze on the way they make and pour the teas.

Tea Hostess at Dr. Tea

During the tour, I have tasted 4 types of tea and learn how to hold the cup and drink certain types of tea. They also provide tea making instructions for everyone at the end of the tea tasting tour. The place also sells different types of tea cups and pots and the prices are quite reasonable. They also provide student prices for tea sets and you could also bargain for better deals with them.

Tea Set at Dr. Tea

Here are some information that I got during tea tasting at Dr. Tea:

White Tea

– It can dispel the effects of alcohol and nicotine.

– It also  acts on colds, coughs and sore throats.

Golden Green Tea/ Slimming Tea (wild puer tea)

– It can regulate blood pressure, lower cholesterol and lose weight.

– Fill tea water with honey and it is good for insomnia.

Oriental Beauty (The king of Oolong Tea)

– It is good for blood circulation and skin.

– It is good for Anemia and enriches blood.

– Add some brown sugar into tea as it can nourishes the stomach.

– It can soften the blood vessels.

Jasmine Tea

– It can drive away summer heat and improve eyesight.

– It can shake off drowsiness and relieve headache.

Litchi Tea (Black Tea)

– It is good for digestion.

Gin-seng Oolong Tea

– It can help to restores your energy.

– Protect liver and kidney.

Address: No.1, Min Zu Yuan Road, Chaoyang District. Beijing, China.

Tel: 0086-010-82083648.

So if you do love drinking teas, then Travel to Beijing and get your Tea touring started. It is an enjoyable experience and you will have lots of fun as well.

Jack Li

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