Travel to Tibet is a lot of travelers’ dreams. It is a holy and mysterious city. Tibetans there have a very different culture style and customs. So you’d better know the intricacies in advance before going on your Tibet Tours.

No.1 no killing

The greatest taboo for people living in Tibet plateau is killing. Buddhist monks and nuns are very strict with this point. They think that life never hurts, ranging from insects to people. Even when children are hurting insects, they would not hesitate to stop them.

No.2 no shouting when climbing over high mounts

Don’t shout when you are climbing on mounts, because Tibetans suggest the shouting would infuriate the God of mounts and bring snow and lightning.

No.3 no touching of sutras in the temple

When you enter a temple, please don’t touch sutras, Buddhist statues, paintings and musical instruments and never leap from the tops, or you will defile the God in Tibetans opinion.

No.4 no feet facing the Buddha shrine when you sleep

It is also regarded as a defile behavior letting your feet face shrine. In addition, you cannot put the mattress turned over when making the bed. Because only some one passed away can do it.

No.5 no directly handing the broom to other people

Tibetans think that it will bring evil to a person who accepts the broom if you hand it directly. You’d better leave it on the floor, letting him or her pick it up by himself or herself.

No.6 no strangers for visiting when some one is ill at home

At that time, locals in east Tibet will put some tree branches at the door as imply.

No.7 no pouring wine or tea by yourself

When you are visiting some Tibetans’ home, don’t pour wine or tea for yourself, the host will do it for you and you should drink at least 3 cups of wine or tea to show your respect to the family. Please don’t make any noise when drinking.

No.8 no lighting up a cigarette by the Buddhas butter lamp

When entering a Tibetans’ home, please sit down following the rule: The—men sit left and women sit right and remember don’t point your feet towards the direction where the old Buddha is and never let the butter lamp consecrate the Buddha.

No.9 no eating livestock with a single hoof and animal meat with sharp claws.

No matter how poor Tibetans would be, they never eat single hoof livestock such as horses and donkeys, dogs or cats with sharp claws etc. Besides, Tibetans suggest that meat slaughtered that day suggest that animals cannot eat at that very day.

No.10 no holding event when encountered fierce stars

You’d better ask them clearly if you want to invite some locals to do something. Tibetans have a lot of taboos according to stars and five elements theory. For instance, unlike most of us, Tibetans consider their zodiac years as disaster years and when some locals plan to go far away from home, they not only have taboos on fierce stars but also certain star time—Sundays. Especially in the date of 2nd, 8th, 14th and 24th, they never go far away from home.

You see, there are not a few special culture and customs for travel to Tibet. Please keep it in mind clearly. I hope you can learn something from this passage before you go to Tibet. Book your trip? Click here to arrange your trip Air China.

Jack Li

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