Travelling to Hong Kong finding the best deals can be time consuming when planning your china travel because of the confusion of Hong Kong and China.  However, before you plan your trip with China Hotels no need to worry about your visa.  The visa travel system is exactly the same as it was under the British rules 13 years ago and completely separate to the Chinese Visa system.

Hong Kong

Because Hong Kong pride there selves in tremendous tourist attraction and is one of Chinas largest business district the process of finding a visa is made to be as simple as possible.  A Hong Kong tourist visa is not required for citizens of the United States for a stay of up to 90 days.  If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong from the US you need to follow three steps.

Firstly:  Check the current validity of your passport.

All travellers need a valid passport of 90 days before travelling to Hong Kong.  It is recommended that with all your travels you have at least 6 months validity on your passport at all times.  Usually your local Embassy can help you with passport enquiries or local travel agent.

Secondly: It is advisable that your passport pages have blank visa pages.

Most travel destinations require that you have blank visa pages on your passport allowing for necessary stamps upon arrival and departure.  These pages need to be adequate and unused.   It is recommended that you have at least two or three blank pages on your passport before departure from the US.  American passport dealerships can supply extra passport pages within 24 hours of request.

Finally: Confirm if a transit visa is required for any connections.

Make sure that you check with your airline whether you have connection flights before you arrive in Hong Kong.  It may be the case that countries you pass en route separate to your destination may require a separate transit visa.  Check the visa requirements for that country.

For working Visas or relocation you would probably need to make provisions for further research.  Generally speaking if you’re European, Australian or from New Zealand the same rule applies.  For UK nationals this applies for 6 months.  You will need 6 month validity on your passport.

Hong Kong a night

All Hk nationals are all English speaking and the whole process is designed to be as painless as possible.  On arrival to Hong Kong you will need to fill out an entry card which is handed out on the plane.  The entry card once filled out is given to immigration control, who will then hand back the carbon copy.  This copy will need to be kept until you leave Hong Kong as you will need to hand your card to immigration control on departure.  If the copy is lost you will simply need to fill out a new one.

Hong Kong officially state that you need to have a return ticket to enter the city but this is not imperative and not enforced.  To state that you’re travelling to China is proof enough.  Hong Kong also doesn’t evade work immigration control for work purposes.  You can easily spend the day in Macau after ninety days and on your return gain another 90 days there.  This is only if you feel that 90 days is not long enough.  The same applies after 6 months for UK citizens.

If you plan to work or study in the city you’ll need to apply for a visa from your nearest Chinese Embassy or Hong Kong from your nearest Chinese consulate.  So before you travel make sure you’re prepared for your China Flights that you’re understanding that you don’t need a visa to travel to Hong Kong.

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