When on your China Tours there will be a variation of food, but if you Travel to Beijing there is a variety of places to satisfy your palate here.  The range of food is astonishing from Peking duck to chicken chow mien; from fried rice to dumplings the food that Beijing has to offer is exquisite. Completely different from the Chinese food that you get at home. Myself I’m not much of a rice or noodle eater having grown up on potatoes for most of my life, but the way they cook their food here in Beijing, it is something else. I look forward to trying a new dish each time I have a meal.

With the variety of food here you will never get bored as there is food here for every type of person, whether you’re a big meat eater or a vegetarian, you will not be disappointed.  And even better it is inexpensive, having gone to a few local restaurants the average price of my meal has been around 20rmb-30mrb (£2-£3), where can you get that in the UK except at McDonalds. It really is a bargain. Obviously though, the more formal restaurants with uniformed staff will be more expensive, but to make up for this they do provide a more varied menu. International cuisine here will always be the most expensive.   

 Here are a couple of places that I recommend to eat when you are next in Beijing.

Drum and Gong

One of the most popular restaurants in Beijing, and rightly so, the food at the Drum and Gong is a fusion of Asian food with an emphasis on Sichuan flavours, and it is delicious. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, so this is a perfect place to bring the family or just to relax with good friends. The staff can understand English and the menu is bilingual, therefore not making your dining experience a guessing game if you don’t know any Mandarin. For those who do not like spicy food the menu has a rating system to allow you to identify the spicy dishes so you can avoid them.

Address: 102 Nanluogo Xiang, Gulou

The Red Rose

Located opposite the North Gate of the Workers stadium the Red Rose specializes in depanji (chicken with handmade noodles and vegetables), roast goat and the always popular lamb kebabs. It is a great place if you are looking for a lively evening as the restaurant has shisha on demand, entertains its guests with a variety of song and dance routines as well as belly dancers. If however, you are looking for a quiet meal, the Red Rose is most likely not the place for you as it can get very noisy here.

Address: 7 Xiang Yican, Sanlitum, Gongti

Noodle Loft

If you are looking for a more upmarket restaurant to visit in Beijing then Noodle Loft is the place to go. Its refined, has delicious food and theatrics to entertain you when you are dining. It truly is a wonder; the chefs here are miracle workers turning dough into delicious Shangxi-style noodles. If you decide to visit this restaurant I would also recommend trying the hot pear cider with fresh pear cubes and tremella, a very refreshing and tasty beverage.

Address: 20 Xi Dawang Lu CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing

The next time you are on your Beijing Tours even if you are not a very adventurous person with your food, try some of the local cuisine, you will be surprised by how good it is, and it will make you want to be more open to different foods in the future.

Jack Li

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