During your china travel, it is most likely that you would visit different types of Temples and it is not a surprise as Beijing has a lot of beautiful and amazing temples around. China Tours would also have different types of tours that take you to all these temples and it is no doubt that you will feel amaze on how well the temples are structured and built.

The Five-Pagoda Temple is a must-see destination as it is a very popular temple in Beijing and the architectural style of the temple is just breathtaking. The temple is situated about 200 meters to the northwest of Beijing Zoo. Its original name, the Temple of True Awakening (Zhenjuesi), was later changed to the Temple of Great Righteous Awakening (Dazhengjuesi). Today, however, it is popularly referred to as the Five-Pagoda Temple.

Five-Pagoda Temple

The structure of the Five Pagodas is known in Buddhist terminology as the “diamond throne pagoda” style, wherein five small pagodas stand on a large square foundation known as the “throne”.  The architectural style of the temple is no mere imitation of its Indian prototype, but displays bold innovation: the height of the throne foundation was raised, the height of the pagodas was reduced, and typical Chinese glazes tiles were added.

The square throne foundation is 17 meters high and the five pagodas rise from their rectangular bases on top of this foundation where one in each of the four corners and the fifth in the center. The four walls of the foundation are carved with rows of Buddhas (the One Thousand Sagacious Buddhas) as well as bas-reliefs of Buddhists symbols, floral design and Sanskrit letters. The five pagodas are also covered with similar carvings on a small scale.

Address: No. 24, Wutaisi Cun, Baishiqiao, Haidan District.

Entry Ticket: 20 Yuan

Opening Hours: 9:00 Am to 4:00 Pm

Tel: 86-10-62173543

It is no wonder that a lot of people come to visit this temple everyday. So if this temple catches your interest, then Travel to Beijing and experience it for yourself!

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