Now I’m not a big singer, in fact it’s safe to say that I have no musical talent at all, even though I love listening to it. But when you are next on your China Tours a visiting karaoke bar should be on your list of things to do. They are amazing and so much fun. Going to a karaoke bar (known as KTV) has been one of my most entertaining experiences since being on my Beijing Tours.  

                Now these bars are nothing like the ones you get back in the UK. They are elegant, sophisticated, and if your shy, they are totally private. There is no daunting feeling of getting up on stage and blasting out a rendition of “I don’t Wanna Close My Eyes” by AeroSmith, “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi or other such classics in front of complete strangers, this is because all the booths are private. So the only people who will listen to you sing are your friends, who let’s face it, can’t sing any better than you even though they think they can.

                If you need a little Dutch courage before you get up on stage this is no problem, the alcohol I cheap, a Heineken costing around 11 Yuan (£1.10) so you can get yourself tipsy very easily to loosen up those vocal cords. Most KTV’s will offer a buffet with your entertainment experience.

This is something I would definitely recommend, especially with a big group of friends as this is a lot less strain on your voice. I had so much fun at one of these that people had to drag the microphone out of my hand so that they could have a turn at singing. The rooms are extremely comfortable each with their own private lavatory so that you do not have to miss a moment more of the action than is necessary. Like all Karaoke’s though the highlighted words do appear on the screen slightly slower than the song itself. No worries though, you are there to have fun, not to make sure that you are in perfect time with the songs. The only disappointing part of the evening was that they didn’t have “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Céline Dion, but, if this is the song you desperately  want to sing then I’m sure you can find it at one of the places.

KTV bars can be found all over China, keep an eye out for them as they can be deceiving from the outside. Some of them can look like hotels and this may put you off, but don’t let that fool you. The service is outstanding; if you decide to buy an alcoholic beverage whilst you are here they will insist on carrying it into the room for you, they will show you how to operate the Karaoke machine, as naturally it is in Chinese, and they are not strict on making sure you leave when your time is up.

So when you are next on your Beijing tours stop by your local KTV and enjoy an evening with good friends who delight in singing and having a good time.

Jack Li

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