Whilst on your China Tours you might feel the need to sit down, relax and get pampered for a while. On Beijing Tours this is the perfect place to do this; with its variety of Spa’s and hot springs Beijing is the perfect place to have a little you time. A good soak in one of Beijing’s hot springs will help melt away that wintery chill from your bones. The average price of a hot spring is about 100Yuan (£10) per person per day; this includes bathing, a sauna, the use of the hot spring and a buffet meal. Or if you are with someone a standard two bed resort room is 220Yuan (£220). Body and foot massages are also available to release any tension or unknot sore muscles. Most of the hot springs are north of the city within a 60km of the city centre and are easily reached by taxi or car. Unlike in some countries, these spas do not allow nudity in public areas. Most establishments provide private services, sometimes in separate villas. Each villa has a small hot spring to be used by friends and family. Here a just a few of the resorts around Beijing to choose from.

Jiuhua Spa and Resort

One of the most famous resorts, Jiuhua has a long history. Built in 1271 it was used exclusively by the imperial family and is known throughout Beijing for the quality of its hot spring. The water keeps at around 400C. This spa is very relaxing and with a yoga class and some meditation you come out of this resort you feel in balance with your body and rejuvenated.  Costing 68 Yuan per person, you shouldn’t pass this up when you are here.

How to get there: Use the Badaling Expressway, exiting to the Sixth Ring Road at the No 12 exit; exit the Sixth Ring Road at the No 61 exit and go toward Xiaotangshan before arriving at the Daliushu roundabout; ten go eastward for 500 metres.

Longmai Hot Spring Resort

Longmai Resort is a unique hot spring as it has a tropical rain forest style décor, with bamboo forests and vegetation all around you this resort takes you away both physically and mentally from the hustle and bustle of Beijing. It is the first imperial villa village in China and the biggest entertainment palace offering indoor hot springs in Asia.  The temperature of the pools ranges from 28oC to 300C. There is a 50 metre pool that can be used, as well as having a mud bath you can have your dead skin nibbled by fish, a very strange but unique experience. 100 Yuan per person, this facility is a bargain.

How to get there: Using the Badaling Expressway, exit at the No 11 exit; turn right heading east for 25 minutes, then head towards Xiantangshan Town.

So if you are looking for a place to relax on your Beijing Tours after a week of sight-seeing and travelling visit the hot springs. This rare experience you should not miss when you are in Beijing.

Jack Li

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