If your very daring and up for a challenge I urge you to visit Wangfujing Street aka the place of the night market. Its open every day from 5pm-9pm and all weather. Here you will find many exotic eats, they have stalls lined up next to each other with anything you could want, and many things you don’t want! To name a few they have scorpions, starfish,grasshopper, snake, silk worm, millepedes and Beatles its certainly not for the faint hearted!

Night Market

At night fall this street is transformed into a bustling market full of hungry clients, the food does range in price and can get quite expensive for the more bizarre items. I would suggest going in a group so you can have a sample of everything as the portions are a good size.

Star fish

They have a lot of food besides the wierd offel sticks mostly fried chinese product such as beef balls and pancakes, some of them even have delicous vegetable and sweet items. The best advice Is to be brave and try everything, remember you only live once!

A menu from the market

The best way to get there is via subway it is on subway line one and the station is on the southern side of the street which is one stop eastbound to Tiananmen square. If this account has inspired you to want to travel Beijing but don’t know where to start for some great low cost travel idea’s go to China Tours. Or if you need advice on hotels go to China Hotels.

Jack Li

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