Tibet is the sacred and pure land for both Chinese and international visitors. But Tibet Tours are quite different from other city tours in China. For example, the climate in Tibet is typical plateau climate which provides low air pressure and rare oxygen. The sunshine time is longer than the inland cities and the radiation of sun is very strong, which is easily to get your skin burned or eye problems. When you book hotels in Tibet, you may also need to know the qualities and prices of China Hotels. So this article will give you some notice and hope it can let you have a more pleasant Tibet trip.

Acute High Altitude Disease (AHAD). This disease is the most likely problem you may come across first in Tibet. This is caused by not adapted to the high altitude in Tibet (4km on average). Normal symptoms include headache, breathing difficulty, anorexia, fever, dizzy feeling or lack of strength. How to alleviate or avoid these reactions? First, do not be afraid of this disease. Some reactions are generated by patients’ mind rather than the real environment. Secondly, avoid running, walking too fast, heavy labor work during the first period. Thirdly, Eat more vegetables and fruits but do not have too much food that will aggravate the burdens of digesting organs. In addition, take some medicines, such as Dan Shen Wan, Hong Jing Tian or ginseng pills, if it is necessary. Usually, the AHAD symptoms disappear within 2 days for strong people, and 3-7 days for weak ones. Tibet butter tea, a local food, is also helpful to reduce these symptoms. Please notice patients with severe diseases should not go to Tibet for your own safety.

Tibet Accommodations. With the development of tourism and more visitors in Tibet, the qualities and conditions of accommodations in Tibethave improved a lot. In Lhasa, there are normal hostel and 4-star hotels. In other smaller cities, like Shigatse, Zedag, there are some 3-star hotels for you to choose. You can also bring tents and sleep bags, if adventure trips are included in your plan. But if you are following a travel agency, the sleeping bag may still need to be carried so that in some remote areas you could use it for cleaning and cold weathers.

Best Periods for Trip. The best season for Tibet tours is between April and October. The most beautiful views of Tibet are during the period, though the prices for shopping, accommodation and food are more expensive. Some most important festivals for Tibetans, like Shoton Festival, are within these months. However, from June to August is the rain season in Tibet. And it could be a disaster and unpredictable. The road could be damaged by just one overnight rains and you need to find other routes. So remember to bring some water-proof clothes or umbrellas.

Entry Permit. The most important thing that you need to know before planning Tibet tours is to get the entry permits! The international visitors must join a travel agency and ask them to apply those permits for you. Without these documents, you will have problems while boarding the airplane to Tibet. Usually there are two kinds of entry permits. One is only for Lhasa, the other one is required to get to other cities in Tibet.

Souvenirs. There are many interesting but not expensive Tibetan stuffs to buy, such as traditional jewelries, art works, bracelets made by yak bones, turquoise necklace. Some must-buy gifts would be carpets, tapestries, Thang-ga and Tibetan medicines, like Cordyceps and saffron (traditional Chinese herbs). Tibetan medicines are great for chronic stomach diseases and arthropathias.

Travel to Tibet will not be as comfortable and relaxed as other tours. It will be tough but deserve your good preparations. Since Tibet has become a sensitive political spot since the riot in 2008, international travelers have to follow a travel agency for Tibet tours. So for your own convenience, my last suggestion would be to contact official travel services in China and ask them to arrange everything for you.

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