We all know that there are so many beautiful places in China for you to go for a hike. Such as the scenery of tropical rain forest in Xishuangbanna, the lofty Mount Taishan in Shandong, the nice beach in Sanya, Hainan, etc. You have many choices during your china travel. Among all the sceneries in China, Metok, a small town in Tibet, may be the most special one. Located on the southern slope of the Himalayas, covering an area of 30,550sqkm, metok is the only county with no highway link to the outside world in China. In other words, metok is a remote county in Tibet. However, metok is the ideal place to go for a hike if you Travel to Tibet.

Metok is the northern most tropical rain forest on earth with the name “Tibet’s Xishuangbanna’s”. The rainfall there rank top one in China. In this place, you can see the special sight that four seasons are all in one mountain. Because the frequent mud-rock flow there, it is hard to build a highway. You have to scale a snow-covered mountain as high as four thousand meters and slide through a cable sliding, and then you can enter this mysterious paradise in Tibet.

The best time for travel: The best time for hiking starts from the early June to the middle of October. It is the best time for drifting in Yalu Tsangpo River in August and September. When it comes to winter, it is the high time to enter the gorges of Yalu Tsangpo River and explore the sights in Metok.

The must see attractions:

1. Plants in Metok: Metok is a paradise with plants remains green all the year round. Situated in the lower reach of the Brahmaputra River, Motuo boasts a typical sub-tropical moist climate, which brings plenty of rainfall and spring-like days all year round. Meanwhile, standing 1,000 meters above the sea level on average, Metok is surrounded by snow-capped mountains in three sides. So even though it seems quite strange to enjoy tropical fruits like pineapples while enjoying the scenery of snow-capped mountains. But the special climate condition in Metok makes it possible. It has rich forest and the forest cover rate is rather high (over 90%). What is more, there are as many as 1200 kinds of plants in Metoc with some rare species. Such as lagerstroemia minuticarpa, a small bush in other places can grow up to a height of 50 meters in Metok. As a result, it has been dubbed the “Natural Museum of Tibet” or “Tibetan Botanical Garden”.

2. Yalu Tsangpo River cable sliding

You have to go cross the river with the help of a cable sliding. For a long time, it is the only way to cross the river. The cable sliding contains one steel wire rope. Wear the safety rope and slide through the river with the water rolling on beneath. The river’s width is around 120 meters and the rope is as long as 200 meters. Because of its length, you could not reach the other side of the river immediately. What is more, you need to use your hand to climb so that you can go across the last several meters. It is a severe test for your strength and willpower.

3. Beibeng Waterfall

As an untouched place in China, Metoc is rich of natural waterfalls, such as Gela Waterfall, Didong Waterfall, Mihan Waterfall, etc.

4. Vine Bridge

The other way to cross the river is to go over the bridge made of vine. There is no wood and no iron nail, people in Metoc just use a kind of vine grows in the local rain forest to build this special bridge. Because of the wind and people’s weight, the bridge moves side to side when you step on it. So it needs some courage to go cross a vine bridge of 400 meters.

Hope you have a nice time during Tibet Tours.

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