If you are planning your China Tours and would like to spend your vacation on the beautiful beach of China, then you have many choices. The top three famous beaches in China is as follows. Plan your china travel beforehand and enjoy a nice journey in China.

1. Beihai Silver Beach

Beihai Silver Beach is located at the southeast side of Beihai City, about 10 kilometers from the urban area. It is honored as the ‘Oriental Hawaii’ with a total area of 38 square kilometers. It got its name from its fine, soft and silvery quartz sand which shines like silver under the sun. Overall, Beihai Silver Beach stretches 24 kilometers and varies in width from 30 to 300 meters.

Because of its natural advantages, the beach is regarded as the most ideal resort for beach bathing and sports in the southern region of China. Besides the blue sea, the silver beach and the sunshine, there is a Beihai Silver Beach Park with comes complete with all the tourist facilities. There are many interesting activities that you can do here in Beihai Silver Beach,such as playing beach volleyball, driving a beach kart, taking a boat out and diving under the sea. If you are looking for something more extreme, you can also try parachute jumping.

2. The Sanya Yalong Bay Beach

The Sanya Yalong Bay Beach is located in the southern most provinces, Hainan Province in China. It is 25 kilometers east of the tropical seaside tourist city, Sanya. With the extend of 7 km, the Sanya Yalong Bay Beach covers an area of 18.6 square kilometers and it is one of the most famous scenic spots in Hainan Province with the honor” the No. 1 Bay in China”.

The climate in Yalong Bay is temperate with the average temperature of 25.5 C all year-round. Sanya. The scenery of Yalong Beach is amazing with endless rolling hills, serene gulfs, clear blue sea and silvery sand beaches. You can fully relax with the tropical fish swimming around and the clear water reflecting the blue sky and the white clouds. There are many shops, restaurants, and hotels near by. With the perfection of facilities, thousands of travelers are attracted by its resorts, seaside parks, deluxe villas and golf courses. What is more, it becomes a good place for people who conduct matches. For example, the new Silk Road model show of China, the top level model contests is said to be hold there.

By the way, you must feel regret if you miss the unique seafood in Yalong Beach. The

crystal and pearl ornaments there are quite tasty. And there is a Museum of Sea Shell and a butterfly valley where you can appreciate all kinds of shells and butterflies.

3. Bathing beaches in Qingdao

The bathing beaches in Qingdao Province also the one with good reputation. It is one of the nine famous beaches in Qingdao for it is the largest one in Qingdao with 580 meters in length and 40 meters in breadth.

Wave in the bay is just suitable enough for entertainment at sea. The swimming bath facilities make it quite convenient for you to swim in the sea. The beach is free of charge. With the cooling down of the weather, it needs some courage to go swimming in the open air for it is in north China. But it is quite enjoyable to swim in the sea at dusk of summer.

With more and more tourists choose China as their destination, it is better to book your China Hotels in advance. Hope you enjoy your vacation in China.

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