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You can travel to the Forbidden City via Beijing subway to Line 1 station Tiananmen Xi, then walk towards Tiananmen Tower to enter the Forbidden City.  Alternatively you can travel to the Forbidden City with China Tours and make the most of your China travel and absorb the most ancient and exhilarating attractions in Beijing.

The Forbidden City is located north to the Tiananmen Square.  It is called Gu Gong in Chinese and was the Imperial Palace during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.  It is the world’s largest palace complex and has many attractions.  We went to visit the The Forbidden City on a cold and mysterious day and it was the first place we went to visit via our China Tour bus.  We got off the bus, outside the gates towards the Forbidden City and walked toward the entrance.  As we walked toward the entrance there was an amazing view behind us.  The scenery was a temple sitting on top of a hill.

I found this view to be fascinating mainly because I have never experienced this kind of scenery before, being from the western world started to feel very much like a tourist taking pictures of the unknown felt quite astounding.  Nevertheless, we carried on walking toward the gate.  We finally entered the main entrance to the sacred Forbidden City the Shenwu Gate (Spiritual Valour).  We walked into the entrance and found the first room of the palace it was almost like a small garden complex which had very strange walls.

I must admit it is very difficult to get lost around the Forbidden City if you don’t have a map to follow your route.  It’s much better that you have a tour guide with China Tours to show you around and give you an explanation of all the palace buildings, you can also ask many questions.  We walked right through the centre of the Forbidden City taking pictures of buildings such as the Gate of Heavenly Purity, Treasure Gallery and the Imperial Gardens, we even found out that the film The Last Emporer was filmed here.  While I’m writing this article I can give you a list of all the buildings and gates to the Forbidden City.

  • Meridian Gate
  • Hall of Literary Glory and & Hall of Martial Valor
  • Gate of Supreme Harmony
  • Hall of Supreme Harmony
  • Hall of Central Harmony
  • Hall of Preserved Harmony
  • Gate of Heavenly Purity
  • Palace of Heavenly Purity
  • Hall of Celestial & Terrestrial Union
  • Palace of Earthly Tranquillity
  • Hall of Mental Cultivation
  • Six Western Palaces
  • Hall for Ancestry Worship
  • Six Eastern Palaces
  • Palaces of Tranquil longevity
  • Treasure Gallery
  • Qianlong Garden & Pavilion of Pleasant Sounds
  • Imperial Garden
  • Moat, Corner Towers and Gates.

This might help you familiarise yourself with the areas in the Forbidden City so that when you plan your trip you can make the most of your day when visiting this great opportunity.

The palace is divided in to two parts.  The Southern section, or otherwise the Outer Court is where the Emperor exercised his supreme power over the nation and then the Northern section, the inner court was where the Emperor lived with his royal family.   You will find that many of these royal architectural greats are painted yellow.  The glazed tiles; decorations in the palace are painted yellow even the bricks on the ground are painted yellow.

Forbidden City

Yellow represented the colour of the Royal family and was the dominant colour of the Forbidden City.  However, there is one exception the Wenyuag library has a black roof.  The reason being is that black was believed to represent water then and could extinguish fire.  As we walked through the city we found out many facts and even found out that the Emperor had 3,000 wives.  We chuckled at this somewhat disturbing fact.  In a good way obviously!  We carried on walking and as you walk to the other side of the Forbidden City you will find the entrance to the Tiananmen Square.  Once you find your way to this entrance you have left the Forbidden City.

Find out more sceneries you can incorporate with your Forbidden City trip with China Tours.

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