With countless mysterious tales come down from the ages, Tibet is a place with snowcapped mountains, clear waters, green grass, splendid palatial halls and colorful sutra streamers. But if you know more about it, you can explore this mysterious place more easily when you Travel to Tibet. Here are the ten travel strategies for travelers in Tibet Tours.

1. Transportation in Tibet

By train: If you choose to get Tibet by train, pay attention to the starting station in China. Now there are stations of departure in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xining and Lanzhou. Among all these starting stations, Beijing has one train for Tibet every day and the rests have one train for Tibet every second day. All these stations sell tickets 10 days in advance. If you do not want to miss your vacation in Tibet, book your ticket ahead of time (especially the high tourist season, summer and autumn).

By plane: If it is the first time for you to be there, you had better be prepared of the suddenly changed atmospheric pressure there, you may feel uncomfortable for the absence of oxygen. And if you can accommodate yourself to changes there, you are encouraged to travel there by train to experience the magnificent environment there.

By car: There are four ways to travel to Tibet by car, namely Sichuan-Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet and Xinjiang-Tibet. The road condition of Qinghai-Tibet is best and the most challenging one is Xinjiang-Tibet. Avoid the rainy season (late June to late august), the road may be muddy during this time.

2. Accommodation

In the main towns of Tibet, it is easy to find a star hotel. While in the remote areas, the accommodation is much crude and simple. Book your hotel in advance is the best way to get your journey guaranteed.

3. Must see attractions in each scenic area

a. Lhasa: Lhasa is rich of various of wonders. In the center city, there are three world cultural heritages in all. And the scenery of Namco Lake is quite attractive. You are advised to spend three days in Lhasa.

b. Nyingchi: Nying chi is famous for its natural landscape. Such as Yarlung Zangbo Jiang.

c. Rigeze: .Mount Qomolangma

d. Naque: Pay a visit to the festival for racing horses and Doka skeleton wall if you have enough time.

e. Ali: Site of the Guge Kingdom, Toling monastery.

4.      Things to pay attention to

  1. Altitude sickness: pay attention to your body and be relaxed. Drink more water and have some light diet to keep away for sickness.
  2. Public order:Public order in Tibet is better than you think. Just take good care of yourself
  3. Customs in Tibet: People in Tibet are enthusiastic and hospitable with a lot of special custom. But do not worry if you do not know what to do. Do as the Romans do and respect their way of living.

5. Expenses:

For most tourists who are in a package tour in Tibet, they spend most of their money in shopping and entertainment except their fares for package tours.

6. Three travel styles:

  1. Attend a package tour in the city you live in. It is the most expensive and the most convenient way to travel, for there is one more intermediary agent between you and your tourism destination.
  2. Contract a local agency and attend a package arranged by it. It is better for a tour of a company, a organization or families.
  3. Get Tibet first and attend a package tour in local Tibet. This is good for an individual traveler.

7. Chartered cars in Tibet:

a. Cross country vehicle: four seats or less.

b. Business Purpose Vehicle: ten seats or less.

c. Tour bus: ten seats and more.

8. Tibet Specialty:

a. Tonic: Chinese caterpillar fungus, crocuses, Rhodiola sachalinensis A. Bor etc.

b. Handicraft: Zangdao, argentine jewellery, The Tibetan art of scroll painting, or Tangka.

c. Food: yak meat, barley wine, zanba (roasted highland barley flour), buttered tea, yak yogurt.

9. Entertainment

a. Sing and dance show:

b. Bars in Tibet: The bars there are in a typical style, especially in the old streets in Lhasa.

b. Sweet tea House: a place rich of local custom and economical at the same time.

10. Certificates in Tibet:

a. Frontier pass: If you want to go to the border district in Tibet, you need to have a frontier pass, you can get one with the help of local agencies or public security department in your own residence.

b. Tibet entry permit: If you just have a foreign passport or a Taiwan passport, you need to get a Tibet entry permit before you enter Tibet. You can get one with the help of local international agencies.

Hope you enjoy your time during your China Tours.

Jack Li
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