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When visiting China I never thought that my favourite food would be a little street cart at the side of the road, but let me tell you this for free, its delicious and cheap and im a bit addicted!

Big pancake

There are many different varieties of street Vendor, where you can get lots of different types of food: from barbecued vegetables to meat and some even serve a whole fish. They are a range of prices starting at about 1RMB going up to no more than 10RMB. I have sampled much of what they have to offer but  my favourite has to be the pancake sandwich. Which is a small rounded pancake, with a cracked egg on the top and then fried after this there is then the option of chilli sauce, BBQ sauce, salad and a sausage, I usually get them all! it only takes about 5 mins to make and is fresh and delicious the street vendors have really got it down to a fine art!! this costs about 4RMB it is worth trying to bater as they will give you discount also if you become a regular(like me)  from time to time there will be a free one on offer!

Street Vendor

The only down fall of the street vendor, like anything that has the ability to move around at any point is finding the vendor. My personal favourite Vendor happens to be the Tibetan man who stands outside of the workers stadium. However it’s very hit or miss whether you will be able to find him there ,although I have had many a delight from him I still cannot work out his very erratic hours. I’ve found the best times to find him are early in the morning and very late at night and strangely enough not around the hours of a normal persons tea time (5:30-7ish)

Traditional Street Vendor

Tips for the Having Street Vendor:

1. Be Brave,open-minded and adventures!

2. Be persistent- a street vendor can be very elusive,  you may have to look in more than one spot to find them.

3.Don’t take big notes as the vendor is very cheap and may not have vast amounts of change.

4. Do take your friends and have a great time experiencing this amazing Chinese cuisine!

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