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Shanghai is one of the most hippest coolest places in China, its very different to all of the other cities even the capital. After forty years of being an unknown and isolated the city recently it has had a new lease of life. It is now dubbed the Paris of the Eastern world with so many interesting buildings and mesmerizing architecture.  It has undergone the fastest economic expansion the world had ever seen it has really become a hot spot for business men and women round the world.

River promenade

The city itself is lying on the banks of the Hunangpu River at the mouth of the great Yangtze river, it is in fact the largest city in China and has a population of 17 million people.There is so much to see and do in Shanghai I would recommend going for at least 5 days, this will ensure you get a real taste of what the city has to offer. Shaghai has three main area’s the Old city, the French concession and the Huangpu’s east bank.

Old City

The Old city is split into three further sections south ,west and the north. The south  is very traditional chinese with many little alleyways,markets and temples it does seem more western than most other chinese towns but compared to the rest of Shanghai it has more of a chinese feel. The old city is also home to the Yu Gardens which is the first of it’s kind in Shanghai. The West however is known as the British and American Concessions this district is known as the business area with many large skyscrapers and offices. The north is where The Bund is situated which is the most popular area because there is so much to see it houses Armani’s flagship stores in China, has many ver exclusives restaurants, and spa and art gallery and  of course the very famous Fairmount Peace Hotel.  To fully explore the Bund I was suggest spending a full day there as its so big but if you are on a tight schedule here are four must see’s

  • Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank
  • Customs House
  • Views of Pudong
  • River promenade

The Bund

Another must see is the old racecourse which is reaped in history, in the early 20th century this is where the rich and this famous elite would come and spend there time it use to be one of China’s most famous corporations. It even has it’s own swimming pool and cricket path.

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