The internet has influenced present lives a lot. Now you can book your hotels, tour packages and air tickets online, even the international tours, like China Tours. Besides of these benefits, you could also read the reviews from previous customers, such that, these reviews help you to make the best decisions. The most familiar such website would be the and where you can read the reviews, when you are trying to decide which China Hotels you would stay. But unfortunately, there is no such information about travel agencies in Shanghai. So that is why I collect the reviews from the popular Chinese websites for reviews.

Ctrip online travel agency. This travel agency is the most popular one in Shanghai. Although it is actually an online travel agency, you could visit the offices personally. The address is No.99 Fuquan Road, Changning District, and their phone is 021-34064880. The total rate is 4 stars (5-star is the highest) and the average cost is RMB 1151 yuan. One of the comments is “The short-term DIY tour package is great. It included the round bus trip and hotels. The bus will take you to some assigned places and leave you there for your own arrangements. Later on, all of the members will get together at the required time and location. Then the bus will take you back to the hotels. Moreover, all the transactions are made online and by credit card which is quite convenient for busy white-collars.” The most recommendation reason is that the services in ctrip are quite good and considerable. Also because it is one of the well-know online travel agencies in China, customers do not need to worry about being cheated.

Shanghai Airlines Holiday Travel Agency (Ningxia Road Branch). This is not a online travel agency, however you can make your reservation by phones as well. The address is Building 3-4, No. 235, Ningxia Road, Putuo District. If you need the information, please call 021-65556037 or 65446081. The overall rank is 4-star and there are 83 reviews in total. The average cost of reviewers is RMB 2712 yuan. The attitude of customer services is above the average a lot and quite patient. The DIY tour packages and short term tour services are also recommended by reviewers. However, the facilities, especially the hotels arranged to customers are not as good as ctrip. Also, there is private information from a employee in this travel agency. You can contact with her by the phone 13636551371 and receive some discounts.

Legend Holiday travel agency. This is also an online travel agency which is based in Shanghai. The address is Building 22, Hengda Plaza, No.285 Changshou Road, Putuo District. And the phone is 400-888-1314. The operating time is 9am to 6pm in week days, and 9am to 4pm during weekends and holidays. The average cost for this travel agency is RMB 1345 yuan. The reason why many people recommend is that the tour packages are different from other travel agencies. These packages are more like a pure entertainment tours, excluding arranged shopping events. And the hotels are quite good as well. Sometimes, you will be set in 4-star or higher rank of hotels. Some reviewers were the lucky ones: They joined this travel agency because of some rewarding or promotion events in July. Although they joined the tour packages for free, the quality of the travel was really satisfactory.

Apart from these travel agencies, there are also other good ones for your travel in China. For example China Youth Tour Service (CYTS) is well known for its high reputation in China. Recently, they also set up a specific group for serving foreign customers who want to travel in China. They provide various customized tour packages on their website, even the Tibet Tours. Want more information? Please check other blogs in this section!

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